Do they know?

Discussion in 'General' started by Atlas, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Okay, I had just finished smoking a bowl and i leave my room to make a pot pie after two minutes of watching the timer count down i hear a noise in the hall way, I go to check it out and i see my dad sticking his head into my room. He then asks me "what are you burnin in there?" I reply, "incense" he then tells me it smells "weird". If you open the door to my room it does reek of weed, like some one slapped you in the face with a large bag of sunky weed.
  2. Haha, well, since you asked... they totally know. :p
  3. If he asks me if I smoke I'll offer him some.... as it was his old pipe.... :rolleyes:
  4. Tell him you bought marijuana scented incense
  5. Sounds like something a wanna-be would own.:laughing:
  6. Yeah, dude, if he used to smoke... he definitely knows.

    Did he give you a "look" of any sort?
  7. I don't remember.
  8. My dad thought it was cigs when he caught me just like that
  9. I'm glad my mother doesn't give a shit and already knows.

    Saves so much hassle as I can just hold my bong, walk past her and say, "Back in ten,", and do my thing.

    I also love having conversations with the lady blitzed, but it kinda helps that she's always fucked up too on those oxies.

  10. I know, I'm glad my madre knows. Today BOTH of my lighters took a shit. I had to go steal hers for 20 minutes.

    My nieces and nephews were here. I hate smoking anywhere near them, so I hide in the garage. ;)
  11. You'd have to be pretty sheltered to not know what weed smells like.
  12. i don't think my dad cares because he was a stoner back in his day but my mom is crazy about it..

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