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Do They know ???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HackerOnAcid, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. #1 HackerOnAcid, Feb 12, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2014
    Yesterday i decided to chief my attic. My parents left for about 40 Mins. So i got in the shower. Put towels under the door , sprayed febreeze then toked. It didn't smell much. After 5 mins it started to smell. Now this was only the bathroom. My main mistake was opening the bathroom door and leaving it open. Eventually the attic was smelling like straight up weed. I got scared. So i went downstairs, my parents came and i tried my best to act normal. I went upstairs, and it still smelled, i was pretty high and couldnt think smart. So i grab my cologne and sprayed everywhere, now the room smelled like cologne and weed together -_-. I go downstairs, then my mom tells me she will be bringing my uniform up later (Attic is my room). They saw me all chilled, most of the time im always talking back to them etc. So i go upstairs, i was worried. All of a sudden ... Bom i knock out. and i wake up the next morning, the smell was gone. I didnt knew if my mom came up or anything , i was goneee. What do you guys think ?
  2. Sorry, my mom also didnt told me anything this morning. She was acting normal. i have a 50% feelin they knoww
  3. I can't read your parent's minds(would be weird tho right) but maybe smoke outside next time.

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  4. OF COURSE THEY KNOW. they don't know.

    Or do they? Maybe? I don't think they do, no they don't know...or maybe they might?  :ey: 

    .. are WE supposed to know what your PARENTS know?  :confused_2: 

    I'd recommend playing it off like you never did a thing.
  5. The real question is why do your parents care you smoke?
  6. THEY KNOW! :bongin:
  7. If you smoked a blunt/joint yes they know.
  8. Nah i was smoking out of a bowl. I think they do.
    I just wanted peoples ideas, ive been thinking about this shit like all day long.
  9. Stay in school, OP.

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  10. Y would u make a thread like this? Who cares just don't smoke then if your worried and u have to "act normal" if you cat be normal when your high then don't get high especially when u live with your parents then, finshn school get a job move out an toke in peace

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  11. you have a bathroom in your attic? that's fucking cool
  12. yea smoke outside next time. simplest way to not get cought. they prolly knew but didnt care enough to bring it up. just go outsdie from now on to blaze
  13. Weed smell lingers, and it is very strong. Never smoke near people that you don't want to know, because even the smallest amount (the smoke that comes off the bowl after you hit it) Is enough for people to smell it. It simply is not worth the risk.
  14. Next time smoke in their bedroom

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  15. If they know what the smell of weed is, they probably know. One time after I decided to go hard smoking 3 bowls (usually just smoke a snapper or a bowl) and my mom came right after I finished cleaning my pipe and I freaked the shit out and was stupid and asked her to bring me some food and she walked right into my room bringing the food while I went downstairs, she stayed a little longer then she normally does in my room probably tryna figure out the smell.  I'm pretty sure it smelt AT LEAST like smoke and air freshener from my sploof maybe a hint of weed but she never said anything and she's very strict. Pretty sure they just don't want to confront us about it or they don't know the weed smell.

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