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do they give you a drug test for a physical?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BobbyBlaze, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. im getting a physical tm for a sports clearance for school.
    will they drug test me?
    if they do will i pass?
    last time i smoked was last friday
    febuary 13th

    but i might have gotten second hand smoke earlyer today from some guys smoking in the bathroom
  2. No, there won't be a drug test.
    But they will feel your balls.
  3. i was pretty worried about that too but i'm pretty sure they don't check for thc in your system at just a physical.
    sure they make you piss in a cup but i'm pretty sure it's just to check up on your health conditions.
  4. I have never pissed in a cup at a physical to check my health so im not sure what that guy is saying unless its different in the states or something like that. But no they wont test you and yes they will fell your balls
  5. well last time i went in for a physical they made me piss in a cup.. and nothing happened.
  6. Na they won't DT you now....but you'll know when one is coming
  7. I've heard of people having to piss in a cup for a physical, although I never had to. I'm pretty sure they only use that to check your health but I'm not entirely sure on that.
  8. Yeah, I've had to piss in a cup at a physical before but I'm not sure whether or not they test for drugs.
  9. they don't.

    if they did i'd be in a lot of trouble by now.
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    no but you can request it

    in that case, they did

    Like fuck, last time I went there I had to use a Diabetic meter to test mine (i'm not diabetic)
  11. The standard urine test is to test your blood sugar. They will inform you if you're getting drug tested.
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  12. lmfao

  13. True story,you have to agree to a DT.
  14. no unless you ask them to

    on another note...
    broke my first 100 posts without even noticing :(
    im going to bed
  15. Will the show up though on one of these test?
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    yep youre fucked......might as well start filling out applications at Mcdonalds youre gonna be labeled a pot smoking loser for life
  17. this is america they better not i hate the fucking doctorrs
  18. Actually this helped me today so ima blaze an hour before mine

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