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Do they drug tests in Walmart?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FreddytheFish, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Stupid Question, yes they're retail, I know they drug test but main concern is when they drug test. I did my open interview there on a Thursday, I called Monday, and they told me to come in Tuesday for a job offer, now I just signed some paper work, I left and they called me back and said they forgot to do my Background check, while I was on the phone, I simply asked "Hey I know you guys did drug screening for after an interview, wasn't I supposed to get a paper telling me where to go so I could take one" (I really wasn't worried about taking one, I had prepped myself ahead of time) She said no, they don't drug test people working in apparel (which was my job offer) So I did the paperwork for background check and my brother said I'd have to wait for that to go through until they could call me for my orientation, so does this mean I steered clear of a drug test for now? Because I really need my grassy friend right now.
  2. Priorities?

    You likely won't be tested, IF she is right. But what is the more important step right now? Get that job, then reward yourself. New income, less struggle.
  3. I'm already working one (that doesn't drug test) so I'm just taking it easy
  4. Quick fix synthetic urine and smoke whenever you wabt

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