Do these stem/roots look normal for an Aeroponic cloning system?

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    After numerous fails cloning w/ rockwool I've decided to build a cloning machine. It's my first time using a DIY aeroponic cloning machine so I don't know how the stem and new roots are suppose to look. There were signs of root growth after day 6 so I was expecting them to be ready for transplant after a couple more days but it seems like the roots did not grow any longer. Can you experts out there check out my pictures and give me some input? Im currently using:

    -PHed 5.8 tap water
    -1/4 tsp of superthrive/gal
    -clonex gel on cuttings
    -on/off 15min on water pump
    -24/7 on air pump

    PS. today will be day 14 since i've place them into the cloning machine and have only changed out the water once on day 13.
  2. That looks odd, I've never seen that.

    Try just going with straight un-ph'd water.

    It's maybe possible that whatever strain you're running doesn't work well in aero cloners.

  3. hi ohspyro89, thanks for replying, but tap water in my area have a PH of around 8.2. isnt that a bit high? Do you think the clones i have are developing some sort of rot? they seem to be very healthy and green ever since day 1 i put them in the cloner tho, just that those little roots doesnt seem to be growing out... so that's stressing me out.. oh, btw i placed 2 sets of clones in there, both from the same strain but for some reason only the first batch i put in there have that big ball so any idea wat is that? Any idea is greatly appreciated! thanks!
  4. Does anybody know if that is slime on the cuttings? If so is there a way to fix it or would the cuttings still root if i was to re-cut the stem along with all the slim off and redo the whole thing?
  5. Could try just planting a few or putting them into a hydro setup. Those def look like roots starting to develop even if they don't exactly look "normal". I could see them straightening themselves out. Maybe too much gel was applied, causing odd growth?

  6. Looks good thats what it looks like right before they start puttig out roots
  7. that's wat i thought wen i saw it at first on day 7, but then it never grew out and started looking nasty. it's day 15 and still looks the same... kinda look like slime is growing on the stem also, but the top still looks very healthy. Any idea why it looks like that?

  8. 1 tsp of super thrive is a lot
  9. sorry, i meant to say 1/4 tsp of super thrive for every gal/water. Thanks for catching htat for me =)
  10. I have seen it, but its not REALLY common. Wait one more week, they should take hold just fine.
  11. thanks! i'll give it another week, i dont want to give up on them just yet just because they are still so healthy looking.

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