Do these seedlings have a chance?

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  1. Sorry, no pics as this is "sort of" hypothetical.

    I am getting very close to my first grow and am pumped! See my sig for the setup. I have germed a few seeds as practice intending to trash them but a couple look really good!

    My hold-up has been an upcoming vacation.

    So...if I keep these they will be 15 days old when I leave for a 10 day vacation. They will be under an 18/6 90 Watt LED in an extremely controlled room. Do I have any chance of keeping them or should I just shut down the rig until I return and start over?

  2. you could fill up a big plastic container with water and place your seedlings (hopfully they are in small cups) inside. they might make it. you could also build sometype of drip system.
  3. How about the autowatering globes you see on TV or at the Wallcrapper? With the LED and 50% humidity I don't have to water very often.

    Another thought, I am going to LST in two gallon pots. What would the approximate height and stem flexibility be at day 25 from breaking the FF soil?

    Can I keep them in 7oz cups like this for the first 25 days?


    I appreciate any thoughts or ideas.

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  4. your signature linky is Fubar.


    it should be:

    Awsome grow btw, I'll be bumping that thread soon with some pics of the fridge im planning on converting, i have SOOOO many questions to ask you :D

    As far as the cups go, no they wont laste long, eventually theyll go soggy, and youll get leaks (usually around the seal at the base of the cup, where the circular piece of cardboard is insurted into the "tube" of the cup).

    i like the vdopower's drip idea, with the cups in a tray, holes for drainage in the cups, and an elevated 1 litre plastic bottle with attached hosing and drippers, i'm sure you could keep the seedling's soil moist.

    they really wont need that much water over 10 days at their tiny size, but if they dry out they're deffiently not going to last long. it's a pity you dont have a few days to test a dripper system out before leaving for the holidays.

    Personally i wouldnt rip them up and "start over", I'd deffiently try something, either drip, or a tray relying on capillary action. Worst case senario is they all die, best case senario is you come home and they're fine.
  5. Thanks for the signature help, I think it's fixed now. I have about 10 days to play with a drip system and god knows I like playing! I can even store water in the top compartment and run the dripper hose through my conduit.

    Any thoughts on the plant size and stem flexibility for LST @ 25 days old when I return?
  6. why dont you do a "wick" hydro system for the time being. just google it. when you get back from vacation you can figure out what your going to do from there.
  7. Thanks Maveric7383. Good idea! I picked up some wicking today and am doing some testing!
  8. Humongous basin
    Gallons of water
    Put them in
    A LOT!

    Cheapper, but not the best. :eek:

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