do these plants look overwatered

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    these plants are 10 days old and the leaves look like they are drooping down do they look overwatered.

  2. Ya they are probably also root bound. Transplant immediately!

  3. don't transplant those so tiny.. there's no root ball yet.
    your soil looks pretty wet, abut the plant looks good imo.
    just let it dry a little before watering.
    now is a perfect time to judge the weight of that container while it's wet..
    when it feels lighter then water it..
  4. They look fine. And def don't transplant yet. They can still grow a bit. Don't water for a few days

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  5. Y keep them in a small pot when the taproot can easily be plucked and transported? Doesn't the tap root establish the bounds of the pot??

  6. why would you want to pluck the taproot out??
  7. Why would you ever want to limit your tap roots original potential growth by confining it in a crap situation like that? Tap roots can grow over 12 inches in a day or two, but yea lets limit that potential...... good luck.
  8. Fill you cups fuller next time, your drowning your plant in stagnant air. And that medium looks like it drains poorly, definitely over watered. 

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