Do these nutes work??

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  1. im going to start growing and i found two different fertilizers in my garage:

    1. Miracle Grow Tomato Plant Food: It's water soluble and NPK is 18-18-21 also has Magnesium Copper Iron Manganese and Zinc

    2. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Outdoor and Indoor Plant Food: It's not water soluble but time-release and feeds for up to 4 months(dont know if this is good??). NPK is 19-6-12

    I just want to know iof either of these are good for flowering or vegging. Also for more information im growing under a sink that doesnt get used also i have a fan in there with three flourescent lights.. any help on the ferts will help thanks
  2. need answers asap!!! bump
  3. Will they work? Yeah

    Will they be ideal? No
  4. ok which do you recommend for vegging and which for flowering or if you have some other ideas that are ideal and not too expensive
  5. if you're buying it at walmart, the nursery, lowes, etc, you won't find anything that's right.

    find a hydroponics store either in your city or online, and ask them for a recommendation.

    They are all pretty much the same.

    I like fox farm.

    botanicare is pretty cheep

    there are so many. you just need a hydroponics store. they sell the nutes as veg and bloom. you can't miss!
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    pretty much gonna get a biased opinion any is better than none at all. :cool: simple as that as long as its not gonna end up frying'em
  7. i live really close to a Pike Nurseries( if you dont know of this store its a chain gardening store) and do you think there would be anything useful there cause they have almost everything but i dont wanna waste time going if any of you know for sure if they dont
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    Go there if you have to, but don't get anything time release. You want to find nutrients for hydroponic systems (even if you're doing soil)

    You should be looking for mix ratios of
    veg npk 3-2-4
    bloom npk 1-4- 2 through 5

    something close to that.

    You need more nitrogen an potassium in veg than phosphorus
    and in flowering you need less nitrogen and more phosphorus. potassium levels would depend on the plant

    did I already say DON'T BUY TIME RELEASE. k, just checking. lol:wave:

    people buy hydro nutes because they are made for pot. just like tomato fertilizer is for tomatoes needs.
  9. sorry to ask if so many questions but what is a good NPK to have for flowering
  10. thanks for the good info +REP!!
  11. I would say more along the lines of:
    Veg 6-2-5
    Flower 1-1-2
  12. also about how much water should i use to water and how often should i give the nutes

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