do these look ready?

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  1. not real sure how lon they been budding and im not sure how to know if there ready to pluck

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  2. Looks like another 3-4 weeks from here, let the buds swell up a bit more. Post more pics every week, and we'll see the development.
  3. that would make them about 4 or 5 weeks old then right? which sounds about right. i hear its like 8 to 10 weeks for flowering stage
  4. Hey Howdigetsogood -

    Different strains take different amounts of time to finish the flowering cycle. Most indica plants take 7 to 10 weeks once the show sex. Most sativa plants take 9 to 14 weeks. Any cross breeds (indica/sativa mixes) will be somewhere in between. From the pictures you posted I would wait a while longer (2 or 3 weeks maybe a bit more) depending on the sunlight they are getting.

    Kisses -
  5. heres some of the slower developing plants

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