Do these look normal to you?

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  1. Hey guys, currently 7 days Into some bubba kush auto and pineapple Express, I've been watching progress from other people's grows and they seem to be way more mature than my plants, just wondering what you guys can tell me from these pics? They're under a 600w hps
    Sitting at 23 degrees and 60 percent humid, I have given no nutes

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  2. My only critique would be that you should have mixed in 30% perlite to your soil.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  3. If the soil already has good drainage, would it be necessary to do this?...

    I've watched a video before with a side by side comparison, the plant growing in soil and perlite mix actually grew a bit smaller and slower compared to the one with just soil... Will try to get a link and post it here.

    If anyone can provide clarity on this, it would be greatly appreciated

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  4. 100% not necessary.
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  5. Thanks bro

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  6. What's up man, just my 2 cents;

    I'm almost done with my first grow, and I did notice something when starting up my second plant. The size of the container at different stages of the grow (sprouting, seedling, veg & flower) makes a difference...

    My first plant was kept in a 5L plastic pot from germination and transfered to a 10L smart pot just before flower. It's now in 7th week of flower.

    The second was sprouted in a tray, seedling stage in a cup, veg was in a 7L plastic pot and flower in a 10L smart pot, currently in 2nd week.

    The plant that was transplanted to larger containers as it progressed grew much faster than the first plant, which was a pleasant surprise. I did a search about it afterwards and found similar suggestions online about varying the size of the pot for faster growth, it seemed to work for me.

    I also noticed that the root balls when transplanting looked very healthy and covered the inside surface of the pot pretty well, so it's important not to leave it in the smaller containers for too long

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  7. Hey mate, I did some research and found alot of people liked just putting their auto seeds into their final pot because they're very prone to shock, next grow I'll definitely give a small pot a go and see what happens
  8. Ah, missed the auto in the OP, sorry bro.. But all the best anyways, my plants were also growing slow in comparison to whats online... I'll just have to wait for my next grow to give it my best shot from the beginning.

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