do these look like nanners

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  1. not sure if my buds are starting to make seeds they are feminised but the one plant looks like it may be making seeds day 40 of flower IMG_20221209_134311139.jpg
  2. The truth is I snipped a small bud the other day and dried it then I mixed it in with my stash and found a seed in my bowl so now I am worried but even at this point if one of the plants makes seeds it will still be ok to smoke ? Or will it be trash
  3. Stresses and genetics are causes of hermies; I'm rarely fortunate enough to catch them before they're run amok. Daily inspection during veg and the start of flowering has helped me cull males but the Ladyboys still sneak in.
  4. Fine to smoke, but might not be as quality. A seed doesn't mean anything bad either, if it's the whole plant though, it will definitely be less potent.
  5. I can't tell by your pics but if you've found seeds and there aren't any other possibilities for donor pollen then there's a real good chance she's a hermaphrodite. I had that once and still got a decent harvest and it smoked well. I've seen some advice to remove them before they open, but not sure about that. I left mine alone. Rodelization is an old school way to produce feminized seed but the offspring probably have a higher chance of being hermies too. Anyhow, it's a great learning experience. Good luck.
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