Do these look legit?

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  1. How to these RooR's look? After seeing so many posts about if they look legit or not, i decided to post these up. yellow label is 5mm. sandblasted label is 7mm

    ashcatcher is old style purchased straight from dementia(distributor or roor at the time)

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  2. looks good to me
  3. The one with the yellow is obviously fake... the other is...... ehh.
  4. Could fool easily fool me, but you should look in the ROOR identification thread, I'd post a link but I'm so burnt out and tired.

  5. why would u say that?
  6. they both look real to me

  7. Well, the logo is way too small, and the down stem is too low. Roor is a prestigious brand... that's not a high quality bong. A good bong none the less.... but no Roor.
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    Both are legit. ^ Obviously has no idea what he's taking about. Are they both yours?
  9. The one on the left looks like an imitation of the one on the right. Which bong came with the nice cushy case?
  10. Both are real
  11. thanks for the replies guys. i made this thread specifically for the reason that it seems like so many people are so quick to call out fake, you got ripped off, the quality sucks, etc.

    the small yellow label is fairly common on custom pieces from what i have seen

    both of them are authentic roors. the yellow one i had purchased in the summer of 06 in amsterdam from the official roor store(i think i still have pictures of it in the store actually somewhere in one of my old camera memory cards). it has the smaller logo on it due to wanting to not draw attention away from the sandblasted hemp leaf on it or for the logo to overpower the leaf. i had purchased the case with it too, its an aluminum briefcase that they custom cut out the foam material in the store to match your piece exactly for a secure fit. they also threw in a yellow logo hat to match the bong for free :D

    the sandblasted roor was purchased straight from back in 04 or 05. can't remember the exact time when i had ordered it, but it was a direct custom order.

    i no longer own these pieces, but i just wanted to put them up as a test due to seeing how quick people are to call stuff fakes. most of you guys have a great eye :D. i had to sell them for some extra money to help cover vet bills and to get money towards a new puppy

    i will probably order a new german roor one day, but im happy with my current pieces and don't really have a need to at the moment, but damn, i am tempted to pull the trigger and order the limited edition cypress hill roor.(the limited edition one, not the collectors edition), but i would get murdered in my sleep by my girlfriend if i spent 400 euros plus shipping on a new bong :eek: but, its still almost tempting to order it. lol
  12. So true man.

    I have two RooR's and many people have tried to tell me they're fake and I got ripped off. I just laugh and continue smoking.
  13. dude half the people on this site see any roor and call it fake off the bat you got real roors right there and i really like the yellow label
  14. Yeah the "RooR" experts. ;) I keep my mouth shut and don't even try but it's not hard to catch.

    But no fake RooR has a pot leaf or the worked lip. :p
  15. noob.
  16. /thread
  17. both real buddy. The trademark symbol is on the top right, bottoms of the r's are facing left, and they have a signature. The bases aren't stamped and the ice pinches are at the right height. If they are fake for whatever reason, they are very high quality fakes, and are almost worth the money if you aren't paying for the label, but paying for the glass.

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