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    Hi all can anyone Help,i am torn between CFL and Led lights can you tell me do these LEDs work ,
    The Leds are: 225 LED Red & Blue Hydroponic Growboard Light Bulb Lamp :D.I am Growing in soil ,thanks for your Time.:smoking:
  2. dont get it. it sucks. i bought one havent even had it a month lights are out and it didnt do anything. go with cfl's or the 69.99 htg 150 watt hps set up on ebay:smoking:and it comes with a european adaptor so you have to get it to usa recepticle and they dont tell you that. but i gave them a bad review and they sent adaptor for free. but i shoulda sent it back

  3. Thanks for reply man :D Will go with Cfls .Some rip off merchants on Ebay and it just gone get Worse ,:wave:Cheers

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