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Do these joints look smokable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeffersong808, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. image-473097292.jpg

    These are my first joints i rolled that did not look like total crap. Do you think these will burn fine? ):
  2. no

    looks like it'd be difficult to hit

    Edit: I mean if you don't cut off a tip, it looks like it'd be difficult to hit. Should've clarified lol.
  3. Looks nice. Smoke that shit yo
  4. Thanks guys. When rolling, are you supposed to roll the joint as tight as possible or a little loose?
  5. Roll them tightly and spread the weed evenly :smoke:
  6. Not to tight though or you wont be able to get a decent hit.
  7. Not to tight not to loose def more on the tighter side though.
  8. you should probably make a roach next time... i find it too hard to hit without a roach.
  9. Why did you twist both sides....
  10. The only way to really "make a roach" is to smoke a joint/blunt until it becomes a roach... are you talking about the little "filter" you can add at the end and use it as a mouthpiece?
  11. yes the filter makes it literally 100x easier to hit, and if your with other people if you dont have a roach it tends to close up quite a bit. Try to cone them also
  12. They're better than what I could do. :(
  13. They're pretty decent a filter would make them better though.
  14. look like nice j's to me, on tightness; it all depends on the bud, the dryer dense stuff I usually roll pretty tight, the loose fluffier stuff i try to keep slightly loose, cause if you roll em too tight the smoke wont have any space to travel through. If you find that you accidentally roll one too tight, just work it in between your fingers moving around the bud inside to help loosen it up.
  15. Practice makes perfect...
  16. Yeah the only reason I can't roll better is cause I never do it consistently enough.
  17. Do you not put roaches in your joints? As in England nearly everyone does.
  18. Those look fine, just cut off the nipples
  19. Only way to know is to smoke it....
  20. They look fine other than you twisted both ends.. not sure how you plan on hitting them like that lol

    Cut off the tips and they should be good.

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