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do the leaves have thc?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by briwall, May 15, 2009.

  1. do the leaves in veg state have thc in them? i mean, can i make butter with them?:rolleyes:
  2. No, they will not have THC in them.. The THC resinates on the leaves when the buds do, in flower.. Best you could do is make some compost with them.
  3. Could you perhaps roll a joint with leaves?
  4. Yeah, but I wouldn't smoke it unless you wanted a nice chlorophyll tasting headache.

  5. Ah darn, that was my dream to grow my own and then roll it up in its own leaves haha, I guess I'll stick to papers.
  6. Yes they do, and yes you can. Theres just not aas high of a concentration of cannaboids as it is in the buds. THC is in every part of the plant
  7. Leaves do have some thc, usually less than 2%.
    THe order of thc % is as follows Not potency but amount of thc inside the plant matter, of course trichs are at the top, but we are talking green growth here.

    Flowering meristems
    Flower bracs
    Sugar leaves
    small fans leaves
    Small stems in and arounf flowering bracs
    larger stems
    Medium Fans
    Sun Fans
  8. I tried to smoke some leaves from one of my plants that died (R.I.P.) and I got maybe minutely high. It was probably just a headrush from holding it in to long and the left over resin in the bowl.
  9. If they were in flower, I would agree with the rest of you. He said they never hit flower, so unless he was growing a lot of plants, their wouldn't be enough trichs to make much of anything. He's better off using them to aid his next crop. My .02.
  10. leaves contain cannabinoids. in all phases of growth. To substantiate this, as opposed to just asserting it, here's a read from Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank.

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  11. plus rep amoril i meant to look for that info earlier and forgot, damn stoner that i am, lol
  12. I had a tiny yield of QWISO hash from a pile of leaves on a couple different occasions
  13. I saw a tutorial online about a cannabis blunt made out of only the plant itself(after it is mature of course). There is no THC in the vegatative stage, only after flowering,drying,and curing,will the THC be active
  14. thnx, thats a good idea, first i have to get more worms.
  15. Tiny, tiny, tiny trace amounts. You wouldn't extract any useful amount from them.
  16. ty all,4 the help, i will just save the ones around the nugz 2 make butter
  17. yea make butter OR make hash w/ alcohol method
  18. I've smoked fan leaves before that a friend gave me. They got me kinda high but it also gave me a headache.
  19. yes the leaf does work i smoke em what you need to do is dry them out completely then smoke a few bongs 1 after the other it does work been there done it and still doing it am not sure how much THC is in the leaf but there has to be something its sort of a mellow high not as good as skunk but if leaf all you got then thats all you got if ya need help with leaf just ask me i'll be happy to help ya :)

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