Do the kottonmouth kings post here?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Alphå, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Well? I know some of them grow (sshhh thats on the down low) , and they probably went to overgrow, and if not that, they probably post here.

  2. I doubt it, but you never know
  3. Yes, this is mr. kottonmouth speaking.
  4. That would explain alot...
  5. i have kotton mouth right now

    do i count?
  6. No they do not post here, Lol
  7. Well...

    They should
  8. I was just rocking out to "we got the chronic" on the way home haha. that would be pretty tight if they were up on here, but im pretty sure they wouldn't be posting in an online forum about their growing.
  9. how do you know for sure miss Kween??
  10. maybe she taxmans girlfriend, he does have devilish good looks and knows how to put on makeup real well. . .
  11. she wishes she was :D
  12. im Daddy X....oh shit, i just blew my cover....FUCK!
  13. That would be pretty tight

  14. LOL haha naah..I don't need wish & munch are just friends though;)
    & I highly doubt any of them would post here they don't have the time, Their all extremely busy.
  15. i only WISH they posted here Taxgirl. i thinl tey would add something goood here

    if yourealy are aonncted to em, send em her eplease. PLEASE, i thin they coul addd some good stuff here

    (tear(seruisyky)( sorry gueys) im fucked up in the head)

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