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Do the jews have a rightful claim to palestine?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FriedFriend, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. considered they conquered and kicked off the people already living there. if you are going to say that they have a claim from 2000 years ago, then i guess i have one for scandinavia from 2000 years ago as well.
  2. They are there now and that's all that matters now.
  3. hai guyz. let's argue about things that happened in world war II that are irreversible.
  4. Seriously. How many duplicate threads are you going ppost?

    You've posted this same exact thread with a different name like 10 times this wweek alone.

    Stick with one thread.

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  5. These things that are happening now in palestine are clearly in our reach to help. I am taking about the ethnic cleansing that israel has been committing against the Palestinian people for decades now. They may have reached a peace treaty but that doesn't stop the IOF and the IDF from raiding and taking land for israeli settlements thats clearly against the international law and peace treaty. How can you justify having millions of Palestinians stuck in an open air Prison(gaza). Hows that any different as to when hitler put the jews in the ghetto. The conversation has to change from israel the victims violence to palestine the victims of an ethnic cleansing occupation.

  6. Total bullshit..ethnic cleansing my a$$.

    Arafat the liar pig got filthy rich using his people as pawns and his wife lives the good life to this day as a filthy rich globe trotting liar. Just like the current crop of Palestine leaders while their people get nothing in return while they use all the money that pours into over there on themselves or weapons. Oldest trick in the book is to keep the people ignorant and blame everyone but the real dirtbags.

    Lets get one thing straight here...Islam came some 900 years after Christians and Jews existed before muslims even set foot in palestine.

    Islam is a religion of Plagiarism !

    How about we give back Iran and Eygpt to the Christians ..I mean after all they were Christian first before being forced to change to a muslim or murdered or chased out.

    There are more Christians Churches being burned today by Muslims than the other way around pal.

    How about hundred year old Buddha statues being blown up in recent times by Muslims ..Eh ?

    FN ancient statues erased forever due to these crazy bastards.

    Hey everyone...just google "Muslim Blow up Buddha Statues" and see what comes's sickening. They are known for doing this stuff of destroying anything that doesn't chime with their religion of Islam.

    Palestinians constantly bomb Israel and when Israel fires back the Muslims cry like babies...oh nooo you aren't suppose to strike back harder..just throw marshmellows at us after we bomb you. Everytime Israel does give back some land instead of the palestians building schools or business they just move closer with weapons and rockets..get lost !

    Islam doesn't want peace and majority of people are led to believe it's all over land when the fact is it isn't about land. Islam and muslims won't stop until Israel is erased from the planet and Jews know this very well.

    I laugh when you say "international law and peace treaty"...LOL You mean the same UN that put Irans president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in charge of international womens rights..what a FN joke the same UN which is full of despots who will vote against Israel any chance they get.

    As we all know just because there's a law on the books it doesn't mean it's right.

    I'm not religious or a jew but if I had to choose I would never ever ever ever want to live in a muslim country and rather have Israel as a neighbor that any muslim country pal !

    Hey forum about we go on vacation or better yet move to a muslim country and see what happens if you are caught with some Ganja.

    I come here to this forum to read up on hydro systems and stumble upon this thread and wonder why a pot smoker would even defend a religion that would most likely kill you for growing and toking on weed.

    That's total insanity !
  7. The Israel critics are right in one thing. How can one justify keeping a whole lot of people in refugee camps for decades?!

    The simple answer is, one can't.

    Israel did not keep jews expelled from Arab countries (some 850.000++) in refugee camps after they were forced out of their native arab and north-african countries of origin post 1948. Israel took responsibility, and actually integrated the refugees into their society.

    And the arab refugees from Israel, an almost equal number? They are still in refugee camps. No neighbouring country have integrated them. Not one.

    As for refugee-streams, the Arab-Israeli one is pretty minor.

    Post WW2 we have had millions going to one or the other side of India and Pakistan/Bangladesh. Not to mention between Germany and Poland. Gdansk was once known as Danzig and was the heart of the East-Preussian ruled Germany. More important than Berlin.

    Several more examples exist, but they all got in common that they got resolved within a decade of the conflict that caused strife got resolved.

    If Arabs are serious about peace, they should stop insisting on right of return. There is no such right. They should instead insist on civil rights where they live already. Stop perceiving themselves as victims, and start being citizens of wherever they may live.

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