Do the cops really care??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheWeedMan116, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Well, last week my cousin and I was driving to someone's house. It was about 9pm and it was getting dark. I decide to roll a blunt and blaze in the car. I lit up the blunt and started taking hits fishbowling the car with a lot of smoke. And my cousin looked in the mirror and saw the state troopers behind us. He was like. "Put out the blunt out in the ashtray and dump everything in your nuts." I put the blunt out and dumped everything in the side of the door. I forget to air out the car and ended having to do it when we stoped (at the same time the troopers were walking up to the car). They came over to us and one was looking at my lap where I broke down the weed and I slowly inched my hand over it so they can't see it. Then the other went to look up the car. We played like we were good people and conversated with the other one. They finally let us go. They only pulled us over cause of the breaklight was out.
  2. It will depend whther the cops are real ass holes and what country you live in, statetroppers are americans right? If thats true then your a lucky chappy because America has some strict rules on Marijuana.
  3. Man. Was it your car or your cousin's? If it was your cousin, he should've given you a bit of a beating. For real. That is NOT cool/smart to dump shit in the car. Your crotch is the best place to conceal drugs.
  4. i bet they knew u were smokin! i say u were lucky, they could probly smell the ganja!
  5. Lucky got away this time, be careful in future.
  6. One time, a cop pulled me over and I was so drunk from Homecoming. I was like offcier my house is right there. He also so a bag of pot on my dashboard. Guess what?!?! The cop was my cousin and let me go! Me and him still talk about that crazu night and how lucky I was! I have turned to God too! lol.
  7. Thats cool. If I was a cop I'd fuck with my stoner friends all the time. :) Yeah, I'm just evil like that.
  8. I live in canada, and we have like no weed laws at all, I was @ a school, and i smoked a little (actually the 1st time i ever smoked weed, im debating if I want to continue or not, i dont want my brain and some people broke a window, and soon enough, the 5-0 comes, and Im sitting there on a slide, alone (cuz all my friends split when they heard the cops) anywho, I stunk of weed, like really bad, and he didnt even ask me if I was smoking, jezz even my mom could smell it..haha

    i love canada
  9. your fine with shit like that wizard.

    cops dont care if you smoked, only if theres "smoke" left.

    theres no time better than about 10 minutes after youve finished off your weed. you got nothing to worry about at all, just getting some food ;)

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