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Do the consquences of eating weed outwiegh

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by H4ZER, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. the benefits?
    I think so mean here are the benefits

    -Less know detection of weed being used in the area
    -More controlable high
    -can put it in any food you desire
    -safer than smoking
    -Good for if your hungry and want to get high
    -great laxitive

    -Eating just alittle can make your stomach hurt for awhile
    -Makes your food taste nasty or weird
    -Makes your shit smell like weed
    -Takes longer to get high and you cant get as high
    -Does not have as much as a fun factor as smoking weed(2 me atleast)
    -Not convient if more than 1 or 2 people want to eat your pot laced food"yo make sure u make enuf 4 every1 THAT UNCLUDES ENUF WEED"
    so what do you guys think is eating marijuana worth it?I might not have said the question right but dont hate me for it.
  2. Personally I prefer just a good sesh.
  3. hassle to make it too, much rather just smoke that shit
  4. Just my personal opinion on edibles.


    • You can get just as high or higher off of properly made edibles.
    • It does not share the same tolerence as smoking weed. So if you've got an annoying tolerence like mine I can get really high.
    • It's a different kind of high; strong body high. When a friend and I made them we put in 1/2 oz and lay he lay there comatose while I smoked Joints outside. He claimed he had been melting in the chair for 6 hours straight.
    • If you make Firecrackers as opposed to brownies, for example, you can use much less pot and still attain the high.


    • IMO it does taste terrible.
    • Costs a lot - All ingredients needed in baking, the weed itself.
    • Takes a long time to prepare, then a long time to hit you - but worth the wait.
    I love edibles and plan on making many one day in the near future. Be baked off my ass for like a month straight.
  5. eat and smoke it at the same time FTW
  6. Eating some brownies and then smoking/vaping a few bowls is always fun. Then it just feels really intense.
  7. Edibles are reserved for special ocassions in my group. It keeps edibles "fun and new". I don't mind the amount of time it takes to make a batch if it has been a couple months.

    This weekend I am making brownies for my best friends birthday because she has never tried them :p
  8. It's definitely worth it. Edibles are almost too fun.
  9. ha it depends if ur girl can cook. My GF does erything but break up the shit. ha i gotta say it aint worth it lik every day cuz i mean ur prolly gonna be on ur ass 6+ hrs. I would say its worth it atleast once a month though.

    no one here will ever completely stay away from toking though, its just too ingrained.

  10. If it taste bad your not preparing it correctly. I've never experienced it making my poop smell weird or making my stomach hurt and I've been doing eatables for years.

    if you make budder correctly it shouldn't taste bad, you let it touch the bottom of a pan or burn for just a minute though and you get that nasty taste. You need to seperate bud from the butter after everything is all said and done also...

    as far as having to wait for it to kick in and what not goes I always thought that was part of the fun, like really unpredictable creeper bud :)

    As far as "Safer than smoking" Goes it depends on how you look at it, you can get yourself ridiculously high "Too high" For some people with bad portioning when you eat, I remember making a batch of buddah for new years the one year, I made a batch of brownies out of and 1 brownie square out of the batch was enough to get 3 people ripped off their ass for 8 hours, me and my friend ate two when they came out of the oven and got sick because we got so high that we got constant spins that wouldn't stop. Terrible experience, though the people who only ate about half a square had a blast :)

    Its expensive if you buy bud, if you grow its great for left over trim if you don't want to make hash.

    Eatings totally worth it if you can afoard to do it, can handle being high that long/that high, great for special occasions.

    I don't really do it anymore because I get too high when I eat anymore, the older I'm getting the more my tollerance is getting super sensitive.
  11. First off you can get way higher eating weed than smoking it, this is mainly due to the fact that when you smoke weed you will eventually pass out and realize you've had enough. When you digest weed you can potentially eat way too much, like i've eat firecrackers with over 3.5 g's of weed in it and i had never experienced anything like that in my life. at first it was amazing but after all the shit kicked in I had panic attacks and thought the world was turning on me, I kept thinking i had to go to the hospital but i keep my cool and held in there, with a little help from my friends. The high lasted over 12 hours it was an unforgettable experience.
  12. i think edibles are good to have around while smoking, i guess by themselves are ok too but definitely go for the smoke and munch
  13. #13 Miklelottesen, Jan 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2010
    Well, I wasn't allowed to post this without writing something besides what's in the quote, so I'll take advantage of this opportunity to make it perfectly clear that the black text in the quote is from op and the red, italic text is my comment - just in case someone wouldn't get that ;)

    Also, the parts I haven't commented I agree with.
  14. Ive made space cakes I call them a few times. They keep me high for 5-7 hours. But take little more than an hour to kick in. O, and you cant eat them till the next day.:confused:
  15. :eek:

    Your a tard. That means retard. Eating space cake, you get way higher and for way longer. UUHHHHHHHHHHHH______________________eat it:eek:
  16. [quote name='Romalian06']:eek:
    Your a tard. That means retard. Eating space cake, you get way higher and for way longer. UUHHHHHHHHHHHH______________________eat it:eek:____________________________<<<<thats you eating it.

  17. Have you ever had an edible? They get you High-ER. wayy higher.:D

  18. they can yea.. but by efficiency, smoking is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better

  19. uhh um i am a newbie i did not kno n my experiecnes my body doesnt take well to thc being consumed by in food form.You did not have to be so harsh about it though.
  20. Half the fun of weed is smoking it.

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