Do the 3rd party firms WANT PSN online?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by MotoBlunt, May 7, 2011.

  1. In my experience anything involving consultants, 3rd party assistance etc etc always adds duration to a task.

    Bear in mind, when Sony came screaming and asking for a team of 20 (odd) people, from several different web security firms, to work 24 hour shifts, they'll have charged their best weekend call-out charge. I'd be surprised if each company isn't fleecing Sony for $1/4 million per day,, probably far far more...

    Now that they're in the testing stage, do we really think these consultants want the system up and running ASAP? I think the little problems that arise during testing, and would normally have been dealt with "live", are likely being held back by the consultants so the day rates continue.

    Cinical yes, but I've seen it happen, and may have done it myself (abeit I didn't have 70 million angry stoners chasing my tail...)
  2. It depends how you look at it. If you were my grandmother, who believes in integrity and honesty in business practice, you would think that since they are being paid to preform a task (whether it is the investigation firm, or the third party IT guys that are beefing up the security) they would be doing all in their power to do their job that contribute to bringing back the network.

    But if you are less of an idealist, it is understandable to think that they aren't exactly working their asses off 24 hours a day like we are being lead to believe by the Sony PR machine. I don't think the third parties particularly care if PSN is up so long as they get paid healthily, which they are.
  3. bingo. 20% of delay at least due to consultants... :(

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