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Do state or federal pentalties matter to you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aftp90, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I have a question and I'm curious about what GC thinks. The question is, do the legal penalties for marijuana use and/or possession, at the state or federal level, have any impact on how you use it? How often, where, with who, what method? I'm just wondering if it makes any difference whatsoever what the laws are in a particular area.

    I'd appreciate any input you guys have.
  2. Well most of us have no reason to be worried about the feds. But yes, the penalties do impact how I use it. Especially already having one possession charge, another one would really fuck me. I never smoke and drive, I never drive around with large amounts.
  3. The only penalty that really bothers me is in regard to financial aid in school. If you are convicted of possession (even if it's a misdemeanor) you are then ineligible for financial aid for school. Basically if I were arrested and convicted, the penalties would screw me over more than weed ever will.
  4. I have an "ace in the hole " or a "get out of jail, free" card.....In my younger days when I notoriously smoked with my buddies ( who are now , VERY VERY PROMINENT) government officials (in the state I just left) and I have so many home videos and still pictures of the shit that use to happen behind closed doors , yOU WOULNT BELIEVE !!!, ....Everytime I needed something out of my reach, there are so many helping "friends" to assist me ....hahahaha
  5. yes. i'l never ever have more than half an ounce on me. as long as thats the case i'l just get a fine, no jail time, no court, no probation, not even a record. i can deal with fines if it keeps my bummhole safe and my record spotless
  6. I've been busted multiple times and it really does fuck your life up big time. Little things are suddenly taken away from you.
  7. What kind of federal penalties are you talking about?
  8. A little bit. I found out that possession laws are different if its in a car here. If you have more than 1.4 g in your vehicle it's a $1000 dollar minimum fine.
  9. It does now to me, never used to until I fucked up, now if I get caught doing anything illegal I get hit with a $2000 fine and about a week in jail (bare minimum), so I pretty much just blaze in mine or friend's houses.
  10. Basic penalties for possession. Based on responses, it sounds like the federal level doesn't matter to a majority of people, but I used to work in a national park and getting busted there would have incurred federal penalties.
  11. Im in ny, so its decriminalized, but even if i did get in major legal trouble, my family has crazy lawyers.
  12. To a certain extent penalties for marijuana possession affect my behavior when smoking or driving with bud. I cruise blunts sometimes but with nothing else on me, only times I drive with any other amount of bud on me is once when I pick up, and about half the time I get it delivered anyway. It's just like an inconvience knowin if you get caught and get a good lawyer you will have it reduced after wasting time and money. Fuck harsh ass laws in NJ
  13. Honestly the only time marijuana laws even cross my mind is when I see police. So most of the time, no. I don't act stupid or give anyone any reason to get me in trouble for it, so I really don't worry about it.
  14. yeah, which is why im terrified of driving home with the O im going to be picking up as soon as i get some cash. FL law states anything over 20g is a felony worth up to 5 years/$5000 if convicted.
  15. Well generally there are not feds patrolling the cities and pulling people over.. hence why none of us worry about it on the federal level.

    You'd have to really really try to incur federal penalties for simple possession.

    Yeah that is some shit. I wouldn't even pick up an ounce because of that.
  16. luckily my best friend is my dealer so im thinking ill leave half at his place and pick it up next time i go over there. that way i get the $10/g price and dont have to worry about a felony lol. i know he wont smoke it unless i tell him he can. ill probably give him a gram for it or something.
  17. I live in CA. My biggest risk is a small fine (assuming you don't keep crazy amounts. Which I don't), and that's it. I'm quite confident the feds aren't going to waste thousands of tax payer dollars to bust me for recreational use.

    IMO the only people who generally get caught are those who aren't smart about it. You carry it with you, wear Marijuana leaf shirts, and smoke in public, what do you think was gonna happen, you know?

    Honestly I think I have more to worry about from a traffick ticket. They're usually bigger fines than possession anyways.

  18. Damn I didn't know that was the case in Florida, that sucks man .. I thought it was bad here at up to 52g a misdameanor
  19. Not really I live in a decriminalized state, law enforcement has much bigger things to worry about.
  20. Even most dealers feds don't even fuck with, only the big dogs.

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