Do smaller plants in bigger pots still need to be watered till 10% run off ??

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    Hey guys, After I had some roots poking out the bottom of my smaller containers I repotted 2 out of my 5 plants into bigger pots ... now do I still have to feed the plants in the bigger pots till 10% runoff or can I just make sure all the coco around them has been hit with the nutrient solution? Also in the second picture, I have drawn a circle around the plant ... is it ok just to water here? or should I water then entire pot ??
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  2. Yes your best off so there is no build up it won't hurt the plant if u do all the best

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  3. Thanks for the advice .. that's exactly what I was thinking after I read up on it a bit .. you seem to get a build up of nutes/salts in coco if you don't get some runoff
  4. My method is feed one day water the next works wonders

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  5. I Water/feed/water/feed will be trying this next when plant some more

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