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Do Shrooms show up on piss tests?

Discussion in 'General' started by Godsmoke, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Well, the title says it all... I'm on probation but no random UA's. I just have random UAs at this class I'm taking for 8 weeks. Will shrooms show up on a piss test?? I don't think so but I just want to be safe.
  2. budbhoy ere how long ago did you take them flush ur system out plenty water cranberry juice the more u drink the quicker you,ll get the shrooms out also u can buy self detox kits also milk thistle works gr8 trust me i no wot i,m talking about just finished 6yr 6mnth for getting caught twat that i was u b lucky tha bhudboy scotish style l8tr m8
  3. No, shrooms will not show up on a drug test, unless, the test is specifically looking for psilocin, whch is extremely uncommen, the active chemical (psilocin) is extremely similar to DMT, the most powerful psychedelic known to man, the chemical thought to cause dreams, and it naturally occurs in the body, so psilocin is hard to to test for to begin with, also it it is tested for, it will only be detectable within 3 days of use.
  4. *bump* I would really like some more input on this.. I MIGHT have a piss test this saturday and I'm thinkin bout takin some boomers tonight...

    I kinda doubt I'll have a piss test this saturday, I'm goin to a 8 hour DUI victims panel thing.. I've already been tested at the place I'm gion to for the classes. It's a 8 week 2 days a week.
  5. Sorry for double post, but I've been taking niacin pills for 2 weeks now too and I will continue to do so after trippin balls!@ :hello::cool:

    But before I do so, I'd reaaaalllly appreciate some more input on this matter.... anyone who knows their shit? Pleaaase...
  6. i think this pretty much nails it.
  7. I doubt it, but it would still be in your system if they did test for it. Just wait and eat them Saturday night.
  8. Ive gotten Drug tested the day after i did shrooms and they didnt show up:eek:

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