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do showers sober you up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CouchLockFoSho, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. so i was just wondering if showers sober you up becuase i was thinking bout smoking in my bathroom and then take a shower.
    im doing to becuase i heard if you smoke then take a shower the smell almost goes away 100% cause the steam.

    so can i smoke then take a shower and still be super blasted?
  2. Yes, you'll still be high, I always smoke in my bathroom then take a shower.
    Scrubbing your hair with shampoo feels great too.
  3. it seems like it doesnt totally sover me up but it definatley does take away form my high
  4. it depends, some people say it sobers them up fast and others say its something fun to do when high. i for one enjoy taking showers when im high and dont really sober up. but try it and see how it goes
  5. i usually smoke in my bathroom then take a shower because when you're done there is absolutely zero smell.

    i would say it might take away from your high a tad, but it depends how long your in there and if its too hot or too cold, etc.

    still feel pretty blazed when i get out, though.
  6. ive never blazed RIGHT before stepping into the shower, but usually if im high and take a shower, i need to smoke again afterwords if i want to be high still :(
  7. No I usually come out pretty buzzin' and I just feel a different kind of high or feeling.
  8. Usually they do. Thats one thing i can count on to kill my high.
  9. ive heard ppl say that it sobers them up. but ive never had that happen to me. it just feels really ausome.
  10. Doesn't sober me up. I actually think it's really trippy in our shower haha. I see shit in the marble designs on the walls lol.
  11. ive heard cold showers sober u up real quick.i mean i could imagine that happening
  12. I used to always smoke before showering. I looove it. It's a great feeling imo, doesnt take from your high.

    I think it's all in your head. If you think it takes from your high, it more then likly will. if you dont think it will, it wont.
  13. yea deffinitely, i like taking hot showers stoned, its fun lol, and it hasnt killed my high when ive done it
  14. I hate when people say that. why would taking a shower take away ur high???,i always do it and its trippy as hell,its only water people,BE REAL
  15. wtf? how would a shower make you less high? Maybe you guys just don't stay high long enough.
  16. Eh, The time I'm in the shower is usually the reason I come out less buzzed than I was before. It's a great way to get rid of the smell and get some 1 on 1 action with yourself....
  17. hell yes son haha whenever i'm high i usually take a shower just to not smell like weed the rest of the day and damn does shamppoing your hair feel good i be doin it for like 10min straight non stop hahah i get in a trance
  18. yea i heard of that too
    i showered once since i was about to sleep
    and i came out still high

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