Do shady growers perfume their product?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Renaldo, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I had a friend of a friend that I bought from regularly before I started growing. When I would meet up with him to buy, before he'd even let me look at the bud, he would always open a bag and shove it in my face.

    "Smells good doesn't it?"

    But then I'd look at it and smoke it and it seemed like typical brick commercial shit.

    I'm curing my latest (fourth or fifth I forget) harvest, grown from good name brand seeds, and it smells good, but it's not as potently musky as his shit.

    Kinda makes me think he/his grower/supplier put some kind of pot scented perfume on it.

    Maybe I just can't smell it because I lived with it for 20 weeks???

    Just wondering if something like that might be common practice among shady producers.

    All the more reason to grow...
  2. I haven't really heard of anyone doing this but a good guess would simply be that the smell is based on the strain. For example a skunk #1 plant will stink all through late veg, flower and after harvest. While a Northern lights doesn't stink at all really through its grow cycle but it picks up a small scent after harvest. How many different strains have you grown?
  3. There is a dispensary near me that sprays oils in its shake. Like cinnamon and bubblegum or coconut. It's fucking retarded!! I asked them why and they said some people like it. I say bullshit.
  4. a marijuana smell? maybe they just knew how to cure and dry properly .

  5. Bingo

    If you let it cure long enough it will get that amoena smell
  6. I've seen the flavoring agents for sale at a local head shop....a useless product that may be less than healthy, and certainly less than honest if you are selling cannabis!

  7. Less than honest marijuana sales! It can't be true! And these less than honest sales make a healthy plant into something that might be less healthy? Thank God they made that dangerous marihuana plant illegal. It is really protecting many :rolleyes:

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