Do seeds expire?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by weedydude1620, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Ive still got a couple seeds from my first (failed) grow. A year later theyre still in the little bottle they came in. Just wondering if i can still use them?

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  2. Didn't the package they came in have the expiration date on it? Lol. Just kidding man. Your seeds should be good - don't make the same mistake you did the first time. Good luck and welcome.
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  3. You're fine dude.
  4. Seeds should have a time stamp

    just as most vegetable seeds and foods do

    as a way to prevent shoddy retailers ripping us off

    to your question tho

    its more to do with your storage

    store in your freezer with a teaspoon of rice to absorb moisture

    if not

    who knows

    try it out

    good luck
  5. Yeah should be good. It really about luck with seeds. Try to germinate them before planting to get the most success with older seeds. Store seeds for a couple years in the fridge if you're not gonna use them. It gives them a better chance; it's kinda like a long winter for them before the spring. All in all, I'd say you can get 5-10 years out of a fridge seed and maybe 5 years out of a seed storaged in a cool dark area. A lot of times seeds are are random to germinate. Watch out for cracked or damaged ones. They tend to do nothing. :)
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  6. I've sprouted seeds that were well over 10 years old. But yes they eventually die off. Depending on where and how you store them.

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