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Do seeds actually get you High if you smoke them?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KittenzSmokes, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. It's been debated on a lot whether seeds from the herb actually get you high. I am looking for answers. Everyone has those days were they are out. Today happens to be one of my days. I have a rather medium sized amount of seeds. I'm not cooking or planting them. That's a huge no in my mind. From what I have read, people claim they don't have any THC, and can get you sterile and give you a massive headache. The sterile myth is exactly that; a myth. Seeds do have a bit of protein in them So a headache is possible. I'm going to try smoking it later: so I can develop my own opinion. Does anyone have a non biased experience with seeds?
  2. I don't know whose debating this but the answer is a definite NO.

    There are no actives in the seed, the plant synthesizes them.
  3. I tried talking to my long time smoking buddies (I've been lighting up for about 3 years) all of them say something different.
  4. No. I have personally smoked stems in rough times though and those do get you high. If you smoke dank anyway...
  5. Ive never liked stems. Gives me the feeling like I'm smoking wood.
  6. ^That's because you are. Save them and make qwiso.

    Well than all of them need to do some research.

    I guess it's possible it could be giving them a placebo but so could paper if they believed it would get them high.

    Like I said there is nothing in the seeds that is psychoactive.
  7. gets you as high as smoking a whole entire plant.
  8. The answer is YES. Absolutely they will get u high.

  9. What?.. No. I don't know who told you that seeds get you high, but there's no debate. Seeds definitely do not get you high, they just give you a headache
  10. Oh dear god dont smoke seeds... Wait till one pops off and hits you in the eye then you will regret your stupidity.
  11. I'm pretty sure they just pop in your face
  12. I've never had seeds pop in my face :O when I'm lazy I just leave some in the bowl. They'll pop, but not spring into your face like a mini nuke :p
  13. Im just kidding obviously.

    Seeds dont have any thc in them. So they wont get u stoned man...
  14. I found some roaches. I'm all good now! Thanks for the love <3
  15. How'd you magically find roaches?! Jeez I'd like some
  16. I heard seeds make you sterile. I haven't really run into many seeds. Actually the only times are when I'm making edibles, and even then I throw that shit in the ashtray.
  17. seeds wont get u high. but stems will because thc residue is left on there:chief:
  18. lmfaoyeah. not even close to the amount of thc on bud. but will still get u high if ur feenin'
  19. Kids........

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