Do seedbanks actually give out regualr seeds these days?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by hughdunit, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. When i first started buying seeds the Regular option was everywhere and most times you got a few males in your seeds.

    Maybe its bad luck but i have been trying to breed seeds for a year now with the shitties of luck. All the regulars i have bought have all ended up being females. Not one single male. Normally thats awesome BUT my main objective is to breed.

    I know its in the best interest of seed banks to get people to buy expensive female seeds thus limiting regular seeds but the conspiracy nut in me cant help to think that regulars are non existent in the world of online seed banks.

    If we all breeded our favourite strains then seed banks would go out of business asap.
  2. Most people will use colloidal silver and fem pollen for breeding, and we've been naturally weening out the male chromosome for decades already so who knows how little chance of getting a male is left. I personally haven't got a male in years and so I bought some colloidal silver and called it a day.

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