Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Liquidtruth, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Brilliant! Do you believe that schools kill creativity? Any ideas on what could be done about it? If so, share 'em here! :)
  2. Schools kill creativity. Just think back to high school. Fill out this busy work. Memorize these notes. Regurgitate them on a test. Fill out more busy work.

    Principal Skinner: I have caught word that a child is using his imagination and I've come to put a stop to it.
  3. "we are educating people out of their creative capacities." genius.

    i agree that to an extent, school systems are hindering students' creative potential.
  4. I think society needs to stop trying to keep people like one person. That doesn't really make sense, but in the last part of the clip where he's explaining the part about the girl who's a dancer and how the school teacher thought she had a learning disability...the part where he says "Now, someone else would've given her a medication and told her to calm down", that alone makes alot of sense to me. It's like society is changing these people who think abnormally to think like a normal person would. But if you think about it, there's no really such thing as a 'normal' person. If everyone is different than logically no one can be so called 'normal'. So why would you try to force someone who thinks differently to think normally if that's what they strive in? That example falls into the rest of his speech where he talks about schools subjects rating of importance no matter where you go. Math, language, etc. and at the bottom of the list, is arts.

    SO yes, I do think schools kill creativity to a degree.

    P.S.- Sorry about the length, I'm stoned and the one example about the little dancing girl really got me thinking...
  5. Having survived public school and now watching my kids go through it, yeah. It kills individuality, creativity.

    And I fought 3 long years with my eldest against the school wanting to throw ritalin at him. Luckily my stubborness and the family doctor having our back fought them off.
    He's now in another school and in the advanced courses.

    Warehousing. We need to get past the assembly line warehousing mentality and back to individuals.

    Cramming students into a class and making sure the test scores are up (no child left behind) don't help.
  6. public school is capitalist brainwashing
    -how long is the school day? same length as a working day
    -bells to signal the end of classes, and the end of your factory shift
    -taught to sit still, fill out forms
  7. just wanted to answer the question: yes, they do. i'm about to bail. the only thing that keeps me is the kids. i can't stand to leave them there. it's like leaving a pow camp :(

    i teach 8-9 year olds and love them very much. it's not enough for either of us but better for them than me...

    i don't want to leave them, but i might have to to save my own sanity, creativity, and humanity...
  8. School in many similar to prison and psychiatric facilities...

    it should NOT be a form of punishment, which it is now...

    education should be a reward of its own...

    school is so's disgusting.
  9. i couldnt send my kids to school.
  10. Unschooling is the way to go. I hope am able to do it once Trent is old enough for school.
  11. Fresh out of high school, in my honest opinion, no, no they dont. Teachers arent controlled by the system. All my teachers have taken an honest interest in their students, and teach pretty objectively.

    However the public school system is definitely a ineffecient, micromanaged buraucracy(sp?)

  12. lol dude ur a elementry skool teacher on grasscity. man its so funny when u know ur teacher smokes pot. hey man u ever teach stoned? that would b hilarious

    o ya and btw i h8 skool its so conforming especially when u no the teachers dont even care about u just paying their bills
  13. Teachers have some room for their own ideas...

    but, the school board and the admin ultimately have the final say on all their decisions...

    schools in affluent areas will have more programs and more freedom...

    the urban/rural schools get shafted...
  14. my moms a teacher.
    thats just not true.
    they have a cirriculum but they decide how to teach.
  15. In my experience, the public school system has always been damn good at churning out nice little robots into the world. I was out of high school halfway through the tenth grade, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I look at friends who are still enrolled in the school I was wading around in myself and they just look miserable. Half of them have shifted to the night school program for their last year, just so they can finish three or four months early. You don't sit there and learn what you want to learn, otherwise it would be enjoyable and you may actually take in some of the information. You stare like a junkie into the black board as some beady eyed little weasel calls out the attendance sheet.

    If you ask me, the education system being under the strain that it is may just be the factor in the equation that is fucking our youth up to begin with! In a society where not going to school actually sounds better than a formal education, there is something that really needs to be looked at.

    My advice for anyone on here that has over a year left and half a brain in their skull; Get the fuck out. Take the GED Exam. Pass. Don't worry, it's not as hard as they'd like you to believe and you will feel much better in the end.
  16. I dont think the school system should be controlled by the government. If there were competition the schools would be a whole lot better.
  17. Yes, but the point of a public education is that everybody can get an education. Going to strictly private schools would bring the literacy rate of our country down ten fold.
  18. my mom used to be a teacher, too.

  19. I wonder....

    is it possible for something to be funded by the government but not controlled. Interesting thought, though your probably right.
  20. Not only have schools in this day and age killed creativity, they have commited genocide on all important notions of the human mind. Creativity is only the beginning. Expression is dead, Any possibility of personal identity are dying to the notion of "doing whats cool" But i dont think its the schools in general, a school is nothing more then a building but the people inside the building are the true murderers. What im saying most of you will think makes no sense and mabye it doesnt but if you think about it when was the last time in school that you really felt like you were mentally or physically able to express how you really feel or say what you really think? Mabye its the THC talking or mabye ive just lost my fucking mind, or mabye the schools in the world in this day and age are really brutally murdering the human mind instead of inhancing it...


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