do reptiles get high when you smoke in the same room?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by lolipop157, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. i know it sound stupid but i have a gecko and a dog i used to smoke cigarettes around them until i quit that nasty sh*t. i now smoke weed every day or every other day in the same room as my gecko. he actually seems a bit more sleepy and relaxed (doesnt hunt crikcets or go nuts for no reason) of course if its doing him harm i will just go outside in future but is he actually getting high off the second hand smoke

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  2. Yeah reptiles have the receptors in their brain that would make them feel something from weed
  3. Though they might get stoned, it is very harmfull to reptiles if forced to be around the smoke by direct contact. Please keep the room ventilated when you are smoking. Your gecko may seem lazy but thats just how they get when domesticated, they no longer have to hunt when their food is hand fed to them. My bearded is the same way very spoiled and will not hunt her food unless outside of her terarrium and even then she is lazy unless it is fat hornworm
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