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Do quick-detoxs really work? (beating a drug screen)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by techfalled15, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. I know questions like this has been posted numerous times, but I have a very specific question.
    First let me explain my sticky scenario....
    So I'm a college sophomore, and I'm also a student athlete. Through athletics I had my tuition paid for. During Fall term I had an injury that required surgery, so safe to say my 2013-14 season was done. My coach decided to pull my tuition waiver putting me in a rough spot financially. I already spent my saving on rent/utilities/food/gas/weed during fall term, and the $3000 I was supposed to get back from my financial A/R refund turned into $1617. Instantly, $1350 of that is going to rent, $30ish a month for electricity, $40 for internet. Leaving a measly $130ish for me to live off for 3 months (yeah right). 
    So needless to say, I need to find a job. So onto my 2 part question...
    1st: I've heard of drinks that will make you piss clean for 3-5 hours. What are they, do these actually work, and how reliable are they?
    2nd: How reliable is synthetic urine? Can lab screens detect that it is fake causing it to fail?
    If all else fails, I supposed I'll smuggled some clean piss from a buddy in a 5 hour energy bottle in my taint.
    Thanks for your replies in advance, I appreciate all the help I can get. And please don't snap at em for posting another drug test question, I'm desperate for advice.

  2. I've used a drink called ready clean and passed two drug tests in one day and I smoked the morning of. The rep for the company came into my workplace one time (a supplement store where we sold this drink) and told us it basically masks everything for up to 5 hours. He said it works best if you don't take in any toxins 48 hours prior to the test. It worked for me and my friend who smoke daily. So I'd check that one out.
  3. This actually works. I passed a test similar to that given to me by my probation officer. Go to the grocery store and buy certo. It is fruit pectin and should be in the same aisle as jello. While you are there by a 32 oz bottle of lemon lime Gatorade and vitamin b pills (if clear looking pee would be a problem). 2-3 hours before your test, mix one package of the certo with the Gatorade and down it. Make sure to take one or two sips before putting the certo in so it doesn't overflow. It doesn't taste too bad but it's kinda thick. Next, you have to drink 3 bottles of water. Poland spring, store brand, whatever you have laying around. Down these three bottles in the time you have before your test. Make sure to pee 3 times before you test. Take 4 b vitamins with the waters if you need your urine to be yellow. Give yourself 4 days clean to be safe but I know people that pass and smoke the night before. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity ForumSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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