Do plastic containers help plants grow faster ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HighiLikeplants, Feb 9, 2023.

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    All were repotted same time from there small containers where they were all the same size and material.But when I put them into new ones I didn’t have all the same containers half were plastic half were cardboard feeling material.
    So is it just coincidence they are different sizes?
    This was a few weeks ago when I took the pictures.
  2. 9726CE7A-0478-427A-925A-69B03CFD999D.jpeg Todays state
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  3. I find the peat pots to be much more difficult to work with. Harder to water as the pot pulls moisture out of the soil. I only use plastic, then grow bags for final pot.
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  4. Thanks for the reply. I definitely will be using plastic from now on. Always happy to learn more about this stuff. Cheers
  5. indeed the peat pulls the water out of the soil and the peat leaving the soils toxic

    stick with plastic imo
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  6. I understand your not a hydro grower but learn from the pic. 20190424_083856 (1).jpg

    Your plants roots need water, oxygen , nutrients and minerals, Oxygen happens with aerated soil/compost ,with good drainage regardless of your preferred grow medium
    Think super good drainage. add perlite pea gravel sand. plus dirt to your store bought potting soil . Which has no soil in it.
    Bagged potting soil= organic matter is known for soaking up the point it lowers the oxygen to the roots.
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  7. I was using cheap soil mix from dollar store for seedlings and added perlite. I repotted later with pro mix organic and more perlite a good amount too. These are all bag seed plants so I just didn’t know what to expect for first time grow. Thanks for your insight. Nice picture of the roots , I will try hydro one day.
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  8. Grow bags are very affordable, and work very well. At least with 15 gallons or more. Haven't tried smaller.

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