Do people show up to class in pajamas?

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  1. It seems like most people don't even give a shit about getting dressed anymore. Some people show up in slippers with a blanket & pillow. Some don't even put shoes on and go to class in pajamas and a Hanes undershirt. I'm wondering if it's just my high school/univ. or is this really a thing?
  2. Wtf? slippers maybe but pajama's? wth...?Maybe in middle school...
  3. Do they? Yes. Should they? Probably not
  4. Ive seen it a bunch in highschool on random days
    I'm a TA for a few random science classes(all have attached labs) at UPitt and PJs to class really annoying.  Having to kick kids of out lab for wearing open slippers, girls for wearing boyshort boxers(warmer weather), and just the overall unpreparedness of having clothes that are unacceptable in a lab with chemicals.  I don't want to be the "bad guy" but this is University policy anywhere for lab classes.
    Plus sometimes it almost feels like disrespect when kids show up in PJs, my class isn't early in the morning, its right after lunch.  If I can show up in reasonable attire to teach, why can't they be prepared clothing wise for my class?
  6. Lots of people do that, sometimes its just not worth getting dressed. There's nothing wrong with thatSent from my SGH-I727R using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Yea when i was in hs I'd see people in pajama pants & slippers all the damn time
  8. yea in HS all the time. most commonly on testing days when we only had to be there for like 2 hours

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  9. I dont study but have tagged along at a couple lectures with mates and seen people wearing pj's. they were just chillin, taking their notes and stuff, no one else gave a shit. fuck it, why not be comfy.
  10. theres a few in college i noticed...first day i didnt know what to expect so dressed up...saw a girl in pajama bottoms with slipper and was like fuck this and wore jeans and tshirt ever since
  11. Sigh, I can't believe that I wore pj's to class in college. I don't know, maybe it was because I didn't have parents there to nag at me about getting dressed.
  12. If ppl showing up to class in pj's bothers you, I would advise dropping out of college.
    I showed up for lecture all the time looking scrubby - bed head, plain white t-shirt and jeans or bottoms I'd wear to the gym.
    When you're trying to party your ass off (while learning) and there are dirty/nasty things happening in your dorm room until 5am, sometimes you look like shit at 8am lecture. Just how the ball bounces :smoking:
  13. god so many people at my college do this.  I mean, I roll out of bed sometimes and go to my 8 am in the clothes I was sleeping in, usually a t shirt and athletic shorts or sweatpants.  But I'm not going to class in some god damn hello kitty pajama pants like how fucking hard is it to put some jeans on for a couple of hours
    These same people also think it's cool to go barefoot to class because we live on an island.... :hide:
  14. I used to do it in high school alot, going to school in pajama bottoms was always comfortable except when out of nowhere I started getting hard then I wasn't too comfortable.
  15. yeah, but i don't blame them on those cold morning days when their classes are so close to housing. like why not? hehe 
  16. Man I show up to work in my pajamas, so ya why not.
  17.  whoa whoa whoa an island you say? my college happens to be on an "island"  Technically it's a peninsula but whatever...
  18. Idk I went to school in my pj pants like 10 times. It was either cuz I woke up late or didn't have any clean jeans. I will still wear my pj pants when I'm out and about. In this cold weather, it's nice to have a fresh pair of warm pants imo. I don't wear them like everyday tho
  19. i would, but then again my balls bounce around in my pajamas when i walk so I don't know if I'd want to be doing that

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