Do people like wiz and snoop still get high?

Discussion in 'General' started by HunterSkater710, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I really dont see how they still get high after smoking so much everyday. i've been smoking for 6 years and the last 2 years its been daily. went from one gram lasting me 3 days to smoking and eighth a day, to only having half oz last me 3 days. then smoking flower just didnt get me high anymore, i could smoke 3 blunts back to back and still feel fine, be high for about 10-15min then I feel normal again. now I just dab and it works better but my tolerance is high i still only get high for about 30 min but with dabs it doesn't take much to get like that.

    Some people told me to switch up my bud but since i went through bud so fast id be smoking a new strain every 2-3 days.
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  2. Snoop has better weed than you..

    Recognize :smoking:
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  3. I guess, but I get legal weed so It's not like I get bad weed
  4. Not saying you have bad weed, but..

    Snoop has better weed than you. "I guarantee it" the Men's Warehouse commercial :p
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  5. T-BREAK!
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  6. the could very well be in the same boat as you! but maybe there off doing rich people stuff to not be blazed 24/7 so maybe their tolerance isnt so high.

    ask em on twitter
  7. yes but im saying they dont seem to take one, maybe they do but never talk about it idk

    so they get like 98% thc wax huh, to beat out my 90-92% lol
  8. I'm sure your wax is top notch..But like I said...I would assume Snoop's got a better supply than you in many ways...number of strains, kinds of wax, new shit, ect.

    And while I'm sure you puff like mad, don't be so silly to think as a pedestrian smoker you're gonna come across better weed than than Snoop. Pry not happening any other place than your dreams :p
  9. well if he had better weed id think his tolerance would be even higher making you feel less of on effect over time, its not like you can get much better then we have now, so new stuff will be as potent as the old new stuff,

    and in denver all the wax on top notch. many dispensaries have wax in the low 90% ive been mixing it with CBD crystals and the high seems to last longer with that.
  10. Time to grow your own. Roll some shatter blunts

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  11. I grow my own weed and make my own solvent-less dabs with a Rosin Press...I've only been puffing on one strain lately, and I get high every time I smoke.

    Maybe you're just super human OP :smoking:
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  12. i mean i get high but only for about 10-30min then i feel normal again, and my highes are like they used to be, its more like a buzz
  13. I'd say take a good ol' t-break. That's gotta be costing a shit ton.

    And IMO snoop dog and wiz might genuinely like smoking, but the constant promation of its mostly just to fill there public personas.

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  14. Weed works like weed every time the body gets it. People who say they don't get high any more are either lying or are desensitized by unmentionables. I get high 100% of the time I smoke weed no matter how frequently I indulge because I know why and how it works and I don't question the effects like a skeptical noob.

    Cannabis has been here for thousands of years and a bunch of heretics aren't going to magically make it stop working.
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  15. why can i dab a gram and be total fine, but if i dabbed .3 last year I couldn't walk straight. tolerance my friend
  16. Dabs ain't weed my friend. And good for you?
  17. Apparently snoop smokes 81 blunts a day. He probably has a higher tolerance, just smokes more since he has the money to blow

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  18. its thc, smoking weed is wasting my money i feel no effects from it, ill feel calmer but not high.
    idk what your deal is, mad you're wrong?
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  19. 81... i had to look that up. Thats pretty fucked.. if he slept 8 hrs a day thats like 5 an hour
  20. Yup. If i smoked 1 by myself I would be fucked for the rest of the day lol. Especially if I was smoking the same shit he is

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