Do people judge you?

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  1. I was wondering, for those of you who go/went to school, did you get judged for smoking weed?

    I myself get judged absurdly, and it really irritates me. People think I take every drug under the sun and act like I'm some massive drug fiend, wondering why I didn't drop out of school like all the other stoners.
    Even the fucking teachers think I smoke copious amounts of weed; I've been accused of plaigarism in one subject every single year, and even though EVERY time it's proven to be my own work I still get the cynical "I don't know how you're doing it, but don't think I don't know" look when they flick through my assignments.

    I'd like to hear if any of you guys are/were judged unfairly by friends/randoms/teachers when you were at school.
  2. who gives a shit if someone judges you...this is something i learned in college...fuck everyone...who cares what other people think of you...if someone doesnt like u for smokin weed...tell em to go fuck what makes you happy and fuck everyone who doesnt like u for it
  3. Same here kinda, except for me its not at school but my neighborhood.
    I live in a small suburb where apparently all of these middle aged neighbors of mine just love to gossip about me. Whether its at a social function or at the gym, my friends relay this to me when they hear it.
    According to my neighbors (especially this dank milf) i am addicted to numerous hard drugs and I am also an alcoholic. It doesnt really bother me though, it just makes me laugh to think that my neighbors lives are so boring and lame that they have nothing to talk to eachother about except the 19 year old marijuana addict on their block.
  4. Nope went to high school full of weed smokers, and college is chill nobody care's !:smoking:
  5. I feel ya on this.

    I started smoking last year, while I was still in the Air Force.
    When I Self Identified as a "Drug User" to the military, (got my Medical MJ card while I was still in the Air Force) I am certain that a lot of peoples' opinions about me changed. The funny thing was I was one of the most coveted Recruiters in my Operating Location...Got the Rookie Of The Year award in my region. (Western...difficult to recruit in the West) Perplexing....How could I be a "stoner" and get that award? After all, it is difficult to get.

    As soon as I fessed up the opinions of me changed. I say this because people started having "talks" with me. I remember my Senior Recruiter mentioning the show; INTERVENTION to me and how she hoped she didnt see me on it one day! I told her the only thing she would have possibly seen me on that show for was alcoholism. :D

    The other piece of this is my life has actually improved since I began smoking. I used to be high strung, stressed out, drank a lot, etc...Now I smoke green, smile all the time, rarely drink, eat healthier, and just have a glass is half full attitude.

    I will admit..Before I smoked I wasn't exactly the most non-judgemental person! I thought MJ was a drug like all the other drugs...(coke, meth, acid, etc...) All I knew is that it was illegal, and I wasn't going to be around it, or partake in it...

    After trying it for the first time, I realized that I was in the wrong! I would rather be around 300 potheads than 1 drunk, out of control individual. I say that because of my own personal behavior when I am drunk....I am a way different person when I am intoxicated. Actually, I wouldn't really know because when I drink too much I don't even know WTF is going on.

    When I smoke I am just chill and happy. Kinda sad it took me 33 years to discover this, but happy I was able to discover in the first place.
    I am certain JLPUFFNSTUFF will come in here and comment on this post....After all, she is the one that introduced me to Mary Jane. :D Thanks girl!
  6. Wow damn, well your in the military and still smoke? Thats cool. I was thinking of quitting once I join the Army and a Ranger. But damn, after reading your story makes me think that I should get a card!

    Also, who cares if you are judged. Just let everyone know that its safe and cool and whatnot. I used to hate stoners, then I grew to like them. Then I started to accept weed but I would not smoke it, then a year and a half later here I am now =P
    At my school, a lot of people smoke now. A good thing to do is to smoke someone out who thinks your a dumb stoner. We did that to a friend because he was curious but he used to make fun of me and my friends even before I did smoke. So after he hit a bong I was high too and laughed my ass off and made fun of him to see how he felt.
  7. I am OUT of the military now...No, you can not have an Medical MJ card and stay will still be discharged.
  8. Lol, no, because everyone smokes weed in my school. To tell you the truth, im in a school of 1200 kids, and the kids that dont smoke weed get judged more than the kids that do. Being 19 in grade 12 FTW...FML...loll
  9. I don't get judged too much as far as I know for smoking weed. But everybody I know smokes weed and does other drugs. Or at least WANT too. I'm oddly surrounded by so many people who do drugs.
  10. Nah my town is a major drug trafficing area new england. So basically its very normal among people, ecspecially kids around here.
  11. My friends dont smoke but dont like me smoking which isnt cool. They think its stupid and pointless andthat could be spending my time doing other things - but then are too lazy to even go do stuff at the weekend!
    I have no idea what to do, lie and say ive quit sounds appealing but i buy in school :/
  12. Only if I'm playing into the stereotype. If I'm sitting there burning bowl after bowl, cheyed to shit, slurring my speech, knocking shit over, and just acting like a burnout then I'm not gonna be offended if people judge or stereotype me.

    Thing is, I normally don't act like that. I don't think I've ever been hated on just sitting in my car burning a bowl before I go get groceries, or lighting up a joint as I walk out of the gym.

    Really, the only times I feel hate for my smoking is when I'm a) being obnoxious or inconsiderate or b) when I'm around kids who haven't grown up yet. That kid who hates on you for smoking weed is the same kid who tries to convince people not to smoke cigarettes while he talks about shotgunning a Coors Lite.

    C'mon, don't put weight into others' opinions of you unless they're your boss or teacher and have a say about your future.
  13. People judge me for smoking all the time.

    4.17 GPA last semester though- let them judge all they want!
  14. I get judged at scool al the time, i smoke weed every day several times a day. My teacehrs along with just about every student in my scool nows of this its been like this since my friost day of scool 4 years ago. BUT i dont realy care. Im one of the smartest students in my entire scool. so they can go fuck them selves.
  15. Most people know I smoke but they don't really judge.
    At my school just about everyone has tried it.

    But one of my best friends started judging me.
    This is a girl who asked me if she could smoke with me.
    So we smoked a lot over summer and she loved it...
    But about halfway through the year she said I owed her gas money...(which is bs because I drive her around so much) and I told her I didn't have the money and she replies with "Well what ever! Don't worry about it. I know you will never pay me back because you spend every sent you earn on weed. Have fun fucking up your life"
    It was a huge shock and she gets really pissed when I am high or if my car smells like weed.
    She calls me out because it's illegal.

    But she gets drunk all the time and I don't call her a fuck up.

    Sorry to rant but shes the only person who judged me (that I know of)
  16. Judging by your typing, I honestly can't say I believe that you are one of the smartest students in your entire school..that is unless you were totally blitzed when you typed that up..
  17. I don't get judged as much anymore because I try to avoid the stereotype (i.e. not wearing clothes that blatantly have pot leafs on them and talking like Brian from Half Baked, man), but I did used to have shoulder length hair and I generally looked like a stoner, so I would get it a lot. Let 'em judge, they're only talking shit because they don't understand that what is accepted is worse.
  18. dude i have been told i couldnt make straight a's did that couldnt play any sports played baseball and football couldnt go to college due to weed(cant cause of finances) and that all my life is going to crash around my ears, but im doing well for myself so i think they are all wrong and ignorant
  19. People are going to judge you no matter what you do. You could be a straight A student that doesn't do any single drug, smoke anything at all, or drink. They'd still find something that they feel is wrong with you. People get intimidated easily. It sucks, but it's life and you cant do a thing about it. Dont let peoples opinions of you bother you.
  20. Yep, everyday.

    I'm sure I'm the conversation of many dinner talks, even the ladies at the salon talk about me. (Not kidding, it's ridiculous)
    I was at a graduation party, and had just gotten back from mexico. (This is 3 years ago)

    Well, long story short I threw a fire shot all over my face, and ended up receiving 2nd degree burns on my lip/lower nose. AND OF COURSE, it means I'm a coke addict.
    I went to the party, and was non-stop touching my face/nose. I kept putting ointment on it, because I was very embarrased. I blew my nose by doing the good ole' snot rocket, and I guess that means I'm a fiend for cocaine. Ever since then parents talk about me, without even getting the story. What makes it worse, is all their kids talk about me also. It's terrible. I Need to get out of this town, you don't understand.

    I get spied on by my own grandparents, (who live next-door) and I take care of myself. I can't stand it, I just usually ignore it, but it's hard. You should hear the rumors about me. It's crazy, I'm getting all heated just thinking about it. I'm going to go smoke a pipe on that note, but here...Always remember this my fellow blade:

    No accurate thinker will judge another person by that which the other person's enemies say about him.

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