Do people get high faster than others with a small amount of weed?

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Do people get high faster than others with a small amount of weed?

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  1. So I'm a newbie to smoking weed, had it a couple of times but got high af only around 4 times. The first time I got high it felt as if though I was travelling through different dimensions and I was completely out of my mind although, my friends seemed to be fine with the same dosage. The next few times I got high, it kept happening but I was more calmed down but I felt the whole travelling through dimensions thing, it was the same feeling. The next few times I've gotten high is by only smoking 1 whole joint by myself and it's only till the very last drag that I get super fucked, also I only put a little amount of weed and it's not even the high quality kush you'd get in the U.S or elsewhere, this is called KG(Kerala Ganja). The high stays for hours and even right now I'm feeling a bit faded. Do some people inhale weed better like in order for the THC to build up and clog the brain?
  2. I don't think it has to do with how you inhale but how much you smoke per day. If you smoke more and more per day then your tolerance will build up and it will take more weed to get you high but if you only smoke a little a day then it won't take as much weed. I did hear though that if you french inhale, it'll get you high faster cause you breath the smoke up your nose and it goes to your head faster but I don't know if that's true or not.
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  3. inhaling through your nose has no effect besides placebic because it doesn't help THC get to your blood stream any faster. What it does however do is cause you to cough your lungs out and tear up your eyes if you arent used to it since its traveling a route that it typically doesn't (through nostrils and then down your throat). Doesn't have anything to do with "getting to your head faster" since it actually takes a longer path through your nostrils to get into your lungs.

    but again like poster above said, tolerance also plays a large role. obviously.

    @OP it has more to do with how you smoke the weed than how you inhale, i'd say. Smoke a gram out of a joint vs out of a bong vs out of a gravity bong and 9/10 i'd say the gravity bong is going to fuck you up more than any other method. Seriously.. I stand by the fact that a well made GBONG (one 5 gallon water jug w/ the bottom cut off + a 5 gallon pail) will destroy anyone who has never used it if they try to rip a decent amount through it.
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  4. Inhaling is inhaling. If you want a greater concentration of thc, you need better bud. As the dude above me said those are all great ways to burn. But you hitting the joint and it not hitting you till your about finished sounds like how a joint normally is for me.

    In my experience, a well rolled gram joint makes me feel higher for a bit longer. But a gram hit in a bong will smack you in the face faster. And if you really want to get faded do as the guy said above me, gravity bong 1 gram hit goodbye lol. But tolerance will catch up sooner than later.

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  5. Experience is the greatest teacher.

    Coughing like a first time bong hitter is the way you learn to get abs. But don't ask me, I just blaze.
  6. It all depends on the quality of the bud you're smoking, if it's mids vs dank then the danker the bud the higher you will get, it also has to do with the inhaling; I find 90% of the time I'm inhaling right into my lungs and the other 10% not all is going into the lungs, it's sounds kinda weird hut either way I'm high af, it just makes it so I'm higher for a much longer time period.

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