Do people chamber weed anymore?

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  1. i remember like 10-12 years ago that was a big thing back when i was in school my friend had a pipe that you could put your next bowl in and when you smoke all the smoke would pass over that weed and so on, you guys know the drill. i only really smokeed joints and glass pipes at that time so it was a new thing that i didn't really buy into. do people still do that? i ask cuz I'm thinking about making a little mesh container to put into my extension tube on my incredibowl… I've only smoked chamber weed 3-4 times ever and i was so young at the time i always got high even off shwag so i couldn't really tell. now grinding weed and collecting kief i see a hugh difference in what a kief chip can do. so i have been toying with the idea of chambering a gram or so for when i roll a joint or 2 for a little extra kick. is it a dumb idea?

  2. it seems like a waste of good tasting weed to me. It's just going to smell like roach weed and you're going to capture a bunch of smoke particulates.
  3. So basically you'd be coating your bud in res? Doesn't sound appealing to me. I've never tried it but remember seeing pipes like that back in the day. So, to answer your question, yes.
  4. I remember rolling roach joints, than saving that roach until you have a bunch of roach joint roaches, and so on.

    That was pretty gross.

    I'd imagine this would be the same.
  5. I agree with everything said already jus wanted to add my 2 cents. Doubt it will make the bud anymore potent if anything it will jus taste worse. Im no scientist but i have been a daily smoker for many years now.

    Best of luck op

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  6. cool that makes up my mind. I'm not gonna bother with it. i don't see any of my new 420 friends doing that kind of stuff. it must be a thing of the past. oils and dabbing are not that popular here in the midwest unless your in Co i guess. but I'm not. just looking for a change. thanks for the input

  7. The whole concept of it getting you higher is summed up in this sentence^^^^ IMO.

  8. I used to have a chamber pipe, when I was a noob.
    Used it three times, and it's disgusting.

    Makes your weed taste like a used ashtray.

  9. I never did own a chamber pipe, but I had a friend (also my first real dealer) back in the day that used one pretty exclusively for one reason or another that would whip out those 'coated' buds for us to smoke during the group seshes back then. Usually, by the time he'd actually break it out to smoke, it's be beyond fucking blackened with resin and while it did get us straight fucking chopped, it tasted like absolute fuck pie. More often than not because he'd chamber massive nugs of the above-average middies that he sold and the area was flooded with then. The real trick with those fuckers is (was) doing knifers with them. So, if you want to severely sacrifice the taste of your weed for a little bump in the high, chambered bowls will do it.

  10. If you want something new, try pressing your kief into rosin. Or your buds. I know you said dabbing isn't popular, but never gave a reason why. If it's due to funds, then rosin might be a good alternative. Cheap to make and you'll still have bud chips left over to smoke.
  11. dabbing just isn't popular in my area. south dakota just isn't up to the times yet. getting wax and what not is not as easy to come across as bud is.and i have a pollen press that i make kief chips out of but i was just trying to find something to give my joints a little more kick. and funds are part of it. I'm not gonna invest into a dabbing rig when i can never come across wax.
  12. When I was but a young scrub coming up in the world I did that lol! Back then, Ganja wasn't main stream and on every city block like it is today. so jamming my brass pipe full of stress / Tia Juana brick weed was no big deal and made me feel like I was outsmarting everyone by doing so lol!!!

    The good ol' days where we referred to said Mexican brick weed as "smoking Dennie's hay" or we would say shit like "let's go burn down some hay stacks". It was just like smoking hay too! Tasted like hay, burned like hay, and the smoke burned the living shit out of your eyes just like burning hay smoke.

    Good times
  13. Fill that chamber with some carbon.

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  14. i've got plenty of kief saved up to make rosin once i finish saving for a rig, torch etc. Is there plant material in the rosin after pressing it out?
  15. i have a little plant matter some times. i have a space case grinder and a space case pollen press. i fill it up and press everything as tight as i can then put it in a ziplock bag and tip it in some boiling water. once the water gets air bubbles on the bottom of the pan i take it off the burner let it sit for a min or two and set the bag in for 5 mins then take it out and turn it some more. then i let it sit over night and pop it out. they are pretty solid. too much heat will really gum it up but i never have any stick

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