Do people actually say this!?!?!?! WTF?

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  1. I was working at my job at the gym, and was waiting on customers who were signing up for memberships. This real old dude was in the back and got tired of waiting, so he marched to the front of the line and got in my face and just yelled "go swallow an egg!!" with a furious scowl and then walked out. This baffled me and also cracked me up as well because of how insane it was. Is that an actual thing that people say?
  2. you should have said no thanks, i prefer scrambled, lolololol
  3. lmao.

    Apparently they do. Unless you don't count that old man as a person.
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    *deleted due to that70sshow crying about it*
  5. Lol. I hate when people hold up the line, but still thats hilarious.
  6. Respect your elders, Bro Montana.
  7. please get this faggot 4chan shit out of here, thanks.
  8. Oooooh, he's talkin' shiiiiiiiit


  9. PEOPLE!

    You can't 'cool story, bro' everything

    I am disapoint.
  10. I am appoint my name dupont and I like to eat not great rhymes but it works
  11. Do what the nothing
  12. Why do you have 2threads in the same section about the same thing
  13. I love it, and imma use it. go swallow an egg haha awesome
  14. thats old people for ya.


  15. [​IMG]
  16. why the hell did you make an exact same thread called "Some old man said this to me??" ??
  17. O hai thred


    Egg swallowing can lead to bankruptcy LOL
  18. hahaha no ive definitley never heard anyone say that!

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