Do peat pucks need anything else?

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  1. I have four autos I'm waiting in water to germinate, but I don't have any soil just yet. I do have the jiffy pucks that you hydrate to make about an inch and a half in diameter, and the tray etc.
    My question is, if I take a germinated seed and put it in the peat at the right depth, is it expecting more in the way of nutrients right away? Just wondering how long they may be able to be in that medium before all the other stuff arrives...

  2. Why are you pre-germinating the seeds?
    Just place them directly into the jiffy pellet.
    They won't be able to stay in the jiffy pellet very long.
    When does your "other stuff" arrive?
    You might have waited until you were fully prepared.
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  3. The first two leaves to show ( rounded) are the Cotyledons. These contain stored nutritional elements that the seedling uses up first before the initiation of true photosynthesis.
    Typically, new seedlings won’t need any additional feeding for the first 7-10 days, and should be started in low nutrient/ seedling soil mixes. :thumbsup:
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  4. [​IMG]
    in time you will note plants need no nutes for 2-3 weeks post germing, food is on board, another overthinker

    good luck
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  5. i would say no more than 7 days
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  6. I do enjoy the 'song & dance of prepping the grow
    after Very much research I actually Imbibe

    just now I've extracted 40 Desfram (dinafem) from the freezer
    to the diy can lined with sandpaper for a 60sec shake to scratch the shell sides
    then to a jar of very low .ppm and table spoon of aloe vera juice
    ..not a nute more of a tonic, to ease water penetration

    once sunk about 4 hours depending on how old they are
    removed to a black damp kitchen towel (black so I can see the tails emerge)

    then for the rest ...again depending how old they are expect here 24 hours
    I found the longer the better once the radicle/tail is 2-3 inches long

    to a 4 inch pot with good compost

  7. Really? That’s pretty long, IMO… very fragile and almost to the point of exposing the cotyledons.
    Anymore, I don’t wait for the seeds to crack before planting.
    I’ll soak for 12 hrs in tap water, ( no scuffing) and plant directly into coots mix. Been having excellent success rates doing this.
    And it’s simple.
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  8. I've spent way too much money on seeds that didn't germ or came from totally undesirable sources,
    my method allows me to 'keep on eye on my investment'
    the extended radicle is the latest , as potting up just as the cotyledons emerge is indeed fast germing
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