do ozone generators work?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by uksmoke, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. hello all,

    I am considering the purchase of an ozone generator - Uvonair or similar.
    Can any one give any opinion as to their effectiveness?
    Do they work?? - Any practical experience would be appreciated.

    Take care all.
  2. What do they do..reduce smell? or give out co2 ?
  3. Ozone is a very aggressive oxidising agent and is supposed to attack smells, thereby removing them.
    i know that thermal oxidisers are used in heavy industry to eliminate odours - i hope someone can provide some first hand experience of Uvonair (or similar) products.
    Many thanks
  4. Mate this stuff will stink your house out in flower ...honest !!! you have to have an extractor venting least a 4 inch with ducting....i run mine up my old combi boiler fumes its ever had !!!!
  5. already have good extraction to outside - the smell is beginning to permeate though!!
  6. get some plug in smellies and some cheap orange fresh from hyper value....thats what i use when it gets a little overpowering !!!! i know what u mean...!
  7. have taken the plunge and bought a 'mountain breeze' room ioniser - not cheap at £140 but we'll give it a go.
    Will update next week, though would still appreciate any postings from someone with practical experience.
  8. let us know if it gets covered in dust...just wondering...?
  9. well.......unit installed 2 days and has made quite a difference.
    No real odour from unit itself......kind of knocks everything outta the air.....useful.
    Found a useful info site for anyone that wants a shot at making their own as they are
  10. Hey uksmoke,
    I bought a cheap one $35(US), that was advertised for
    removing cigerette odors from cars. Ya gotta love it!

    12 volts/4 watts, and is *imho* perfect for a small grow.

    Biggest drawback is that it emits an electrical odor, so I don't
    leave it on for more than 10 minutes at a time. No regrets
  11. Whats an electrical odour!?
  12. moved unit into actual grow area now.
    i have also 'tuned the unit in' - it now generates right amount of ozone to be smell neutral.
    would reccomend for anyone with similar concerns
  13. elec odor.. kinda metallic like burning copper wire.

    My unit has no adjustments, so i limit the time that it runs.
  14. hey Galvanised! - unit not collecting dust as yet.
    Still very effective and i am pleased with the result even though unit was a tad expensive.

  15. Yo =) Been considering UvonAir myself for a long time now, just not sure, do you have a link to the product you baught? Did you purchase it online?. Cheers
  16. oH lol, this thread is just FIVE years old

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