Do one hitters smell that bad?

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  1. I use to own a pipe however the smell is too much and if you keep it in your room it will stink up the whole room. Do one hitters leave a smell? If so how strong?
    So for example if I leave a one hitter on the floor in my room and someone enters will they smell the residue? Im not planning on smoking inside.

  2. Also I cant find any in ebay and Ive tried the wording "one hitter", "chillum" and "dug out", any ideas?
  3. Well if you aren't toking inside there shouldn't be much smell. Just wrap it up or put it in a ziplock bag. Resin isn't very stinky.
  4. Mine doesn't smell at all. Just remember to keep it clean.
  5. I agree to clean you one hitter after every use, or atleast every other! :smoke:
  6. Ahh ok thanks!
     The only problem would be it would be such a hassle! I guess Ill just roll joints instead
  7. get the dugout. because if your bat smells your wooden dugout blocks that smell. and you could store weed inside of it too. three hits from my dugout aand im at a nice toasty 7-8
  8. I used to own a dugout and I fucking loved it. It's great for on the go smoking and it helps conserve your bud. I never had to worry about the smell. Just leaving the bat out probably wouldn't stink too bad, but it would be a better idea to get the dugout as well.
    I'm pretty sure ebay has rules against certain smoking tools. That's probably why you couldn't find any. Amazon has a couple. You could also buy one her on GC.
  9. Check out Etsy, just type it into google. Once you're on the site search the term "Pipe" and you'll get what you're looking for. You can even put in a price range and color preference.
  10. Yes they smell, it'll have a slight smell to it. I would reccomd me a small airtight pill bottle or jar of some sort to keep the smell 100% away
  11. You do realize that would make even more smell right?
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    How??? As Im not going to have the joints pre rolled, Ill only roll them when Im about to smoke them.
  13. If your worried about smell joints smell way more than one hitters when you smoke.
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    As long as there isn't half-burnt herb in your bowl you should be fine. If you're really worried about the smell just keep it in a ziploc bag in another ziploc bag.
    If it starts to get really icky on the inside just soak it in alcohol and use a swab or pipe cleaner to get it out. One hitters are the easiest things to clean you could possibly hope for.
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    Also roaches stink up everything, everywhere they go if you aren't careful. Way stinkier than the resin sitting in your pipe.
  16. Yhh but Im worried about coming home after smoking, tbh I don't care if people around me smell me smoking haha
  17. True! Thing is, everyone around here makes a cardboard filter for joints so I always chuck those away.
  18. It sounds great then. Theres a market that sells bongs, papers, pipes, lighters etc but its quite far for me, do you think it would be worth it going there just for a one hitter as Im thinking of getting a mflb and hiding it in something.
  19. Joints leave the most smell on your person after you smoke. I keep my one hitter in my duggy and it reeks but I put them both in a smell proof baggy from the lhs. Btw you won't be disappointed if you buy a $5 metal cig and a $10 duggy. Its great for stealth, conservation, and convenience.

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