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Do one hitters leave a smell really?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mc9391, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. well yesterday i smoked like 4 or 5 one hitters in my closet, sprayed some frebreze in my room and the in the closet after, and my mom came in (yes i live with my parents, im 20 years old and im in college before i get any bull shit comments about being underage)10 minutes later and didnt smell shit. im sure one hitters must leave at least a little bit of a smell, but not nearly as much as pieces and rolling up and it can be covered up easily. Im just asking if anyone else knows how bad of a smell they really leave, and if its less pungent of a smell than when smoking a bowl or something
  2. Bro . You got lucky with that one . One hitters leave just as much smell as joints/bowls do . How long do you wait between hits ?
  3. You probably just got used to the smell. I can never smell anything 10 minutes after a bowl unless there's a pipe/bud sitting out, but if anyone comes over the first thing they say is how much it reeks like pot in my house.

  4. Agreed. A one hitter smells about as much as taking a hit from a bowl - minus the smoke from the cherry.
  5. one hitters are the greatest and the worst thing ever. they are handy as fuck, and save so much weed. But they have to be cleaned after every use and they ( the glass ones ) brake very easy.

    I am thinking about ordering the GDR tip, ejectible one off Grasscity though. looks like its a champ.

    i never had a problem with the smell, but keep it in a glass jar anyway.
  6. I've actually been wondering the same thang. Cuz when I'm at home, my parents are right upstairs and I'll usually wait til after 11 when they've went to bed, rip 2-3 onies in the bathroom downstairs, spray it down with febreeze and head back to my room. It seems legit but sometimes I end up pretty paranoid sittin in my room wondering if they can smell it, ruins my high sometimes..but fuck it seems to be working, I just gotta not think about the negatives it'll help with being paranoid over a couple hits.
  7. Even though they're very stealthy i wouldn't recommend smoking anything indoors if you worry about getting caught. I would say just take 10 minutes to step outside and smoke is the best bet.
  8. U could do the whole paper towel cylinder, with fabreeze dryer sheets stuffed inside, it usually did a great job at filtering out the dank smell. and leaving just a strange sent, one that a non marijuana smoker would have a hard time picking up. But thats also more evidence that can get u busted. its crazy how my rents are cool with it, they think its safer to do it indoors than in a car with my friends so they let me.
  9. :eek:

    Dude you just smoke and spray febreeze? seriously? thats not gonna do jack shit. just go outside or do it our ur window.
  10. I smoke inside daily with my one hitter and have never been caught. as long as you clear the bowl in one hit so it doesn't cherry. The bowl it's self wont smell that much... now i blow my smoke out a tube through my window but ghosting could probably help a little.

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