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Do old stoners really look young?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by redhead420, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. I know that weed flushes the body of free radicals, and prevents aging diseases like Alzheimer's. But does it really make you look young? Because the lady at the dispensary I go to looks 39 or 40 and she's fucking 61!

    Ever notice that about older people who smoke pot, or is it just me?
  2. Its really hard to say for me because I know some people in there 40s50s that smoke but they dont really look young because they drink a lot and smoke cigs. :(
  3. All my buddies are over 40 and they look it. :p Not necessarily in a bad way!
  4. I've noticed that. My dad looks about 10 yrs younger than what he is. If he didn't smoke cigs he would probably look even better.
  5. I've seen quite a few grampa stoners.

    They look like santa claus, but they're all very healthy!
  6. no dude. i think people just get old regardless. i know some ugly older stoners, i know some fine looking older stoners who probably look fine because they work and eat grows his own organic vegetables and that is probably attributed to that. and then i know some do-able older stoners

    well, very few do-able older stoners really

    not sure what you're asking... not it won't cure aging

    edit; well, then again my dad gets that he looks ten years younger than he is actually often enough to the point where it is annoying to hear. but he also quit ten years ago... soooo i don't know

    i think people just age

    like would you do that 61 y/o dispensary lady?
  7. It's hard to say because a lot of people who smoke pot also smoke cigarettes. But those who only smoke pot should look relatively young.
  8. I'm 40 and every once in a while I get carded for beer. I know I don't look under 21 but I'm not doin too bad hahaha. been smoking more than 20 years....
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    Like poops said, I think it's just coincidence that some people look younger and some look older, and the people that you've known as smokers tend to be the type that age well, or look younger as they age compared to most. You can't attribute their habit of smoking as a cause of this, because that's something that is a secondary factor and can be distributed randomly. It's along the lines of noting that you've seen more black haired smokers than blond haired ones, so it must be that weed may cause your hair to darken. Not the best analogy, but it illustrates the point.

    Plus, it's not like we don't know of the chemical properties of THC already.
  10. Its hard to say because everyone different, and a lot of people may do other things that make them age slower or faster.
  11. Lol well IIII wouldn't do her, but I'm a chick. If I were a guy, maybe actually.
  12. There is no real scientific basis for it. I am in my early 40's and most people think I am in my mid 30's or even younger but I also eat a healthy diet and work out regularly. Just smoking weed along isn't going to make you age more gracefully.

    I've known old stoners who looked young and young stoners who look old. Cannabis can be a healthy part of healthy living but it's no fountain of youth.
  13. In your analogy you were comparing apples with oranges, I love fruit but it's completely different; hair color is completely subjected to genetics, while aging of the skin is effected by various external factors. Sun Exposer, Not smoking, Diet, Fitness, and other various things that you can pull out the metaphorical box that prevent pre-mature wrinkling of skin can have a very substancial effect; I would consider cannabis one of those items, it has a plethora of health benefits that make me happy, and youthful as the crack of dawn.
  14. I know a guy in his 50s and its goatee dependent with him. If he has the facial hair he looks like somebodies grandpa, without it he looks mid-thirties.
  15. Doubt it, everything they have done in their lives must also play a part.
    A mates of mine has a mum who has smoked weed all her life and looks proper old and wrinkly for her age, but I have no idea on her life health history other than she's smoked weed so long.

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