DO NOT Shop At I Love Growing Marijuana AKA ILGM

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by xblog, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. these guys have such a legit site with good reviews but they're straight up crooks in my book. I've made two orders well over a month and haven't gotten any of my orders. My second order, they took my money and I wasn't even able to track that it went through but I checked my bank and they took it. Don't buy from them. I currently don't know who to order from. Heard Nirvana Shop is pretty good.
  2. has and always will be legit as fuck, other than that actually gives u a tracking number if you pay the 30.00 shipping option(int. express) and you will get them very fast.
    Theres a pretty big list of US vendors now too if your in the states... oregongreenseed , sourpatch seeds , dankteam, seed vault of cali, and many more new ones popping up almost weekly that are legit and reviewed here already
  3. Totally agree dude! And not only that but their administration are a bunch of buttholes! They will never see another dime of mine or any friends of mine!
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  4. I got ripped off by them as well
  5. I am disabled I.l.g.m ripped me off twice sent them extra money for reg deliverey its been 4month.
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  6. I have ordered from the marijuana seed shop and received the seeds within 10 days. The seeds were hidden so well that I thought that I had been ripped off, until my friend found them.
  7. what country are your ordering from bro?
  9. I am disabled and got ripped off twice from I.l.g.m this mob is really bad .don't buy from them .does any one no off a seed store were I won't get ripped off.
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  10. Attitude, Mid week song
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  11. I only deal with ILGM honestly, they ship to Canada within 10 days and i have 100% germination rate with their seeds, the strawberry kush tastes soo good
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  12. Why is it always the new member with 1-3 posts that complain about ILGM, then never post again? Weird... and I'm sure your disabilities have nothing to do with shipping seeds.

    They're a great reputable company, and even better genetics, with a shipping guarantee.
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  13. Never dealt with them. I like seedsman and the single seed centre. I'm trying swami organic seeds out because they have cuts of "the one" crosses.
  14. Crop king or truenorth seed bank is where I get mine . Better prices and local for me. Buy in bulk or when they have wicked promos. Recently got myself 3 orange bud fems on clearance plus 1 free WW fem for $35CAD . Killer customer service with true north too ... one of my orange buds didn’t sprout an they all were white/pale and old looking , I emailed my dissatisfaction & they sent me 2free WW fem & a blueberry fem for my “inconvenience” .... I’d say 7 seeds for 35$ is wicked lol
  15. U only need to say this once don't buy from I.l g m they will rip u off
  16. Steve, ilgm has a long standing of reputable service. With the guarantee that ilgm offers, I truely doubt any wrong doing on their part. On the other hand, you only have 4 posts total on this forum, all of which are bad mouthing.

    One stands to wonder why you're here, and what your true agenda is.
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  17. Steve, I'm sorry to see you are still not pleased with us. We did everything we could do for you when your order didn't arrive, we've send you a reshipment + we've refunded your payment as you wished. This is already 4 months ago now, we didn't 'rip you off'.
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  18. gps is still my favorite seedbank of all time but i believe ilgm is legit i have never ordered from them tho because ordering within the u.s. with stardawg genetics is way better imo
  19. I have used ILGM two times now and last time it took 8 days to hit my mailbox so far they have been great all seeds did do what they should.

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