Do Not Order From | Took My Buds $220

Discussion in 'General' started by killakyle, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. After days of asking for help, e-mailing all the right people, my bud asked why he was yelled at then got PMed by another admin member who threatened him.

    by some admin named \"spadge\"

    They banned him as soon as he showed that the admin threatened him and told him they wouldn\'t care about his order and his $220 was lost.

    They stole $220 from my friend, this is utter bullshit, he\'s contacting fraud, english police and US customs, as he doesn\'t take losing money very well.
  2. That\'s odd, everybody I know has had their order come through with no problems whatsoever. This seems to be an isolated incident, so don\'t think poorly about the whole shop.

    They\'re not as professionally run as GC, not by a long shot, but they\'re still a decent company. Your friend has every right to be pissed off though.
  3. Thats fucked up dude...$220 is a good chunk of cash. I\'d be fuckin pissed too..
  4. Good news guys: my bud called his credit card about fraud, their gonna do an investigation and he\'s getting his money back, thank god these scumbags didn\'t win

  5. well good to hear he\'ll be getting his cash back
  6. my girl ordered some stuff from there and she got everything she ordered in a timely fashion. :confused:
  7. i think people need to remember that buying grey items like paraphanelia on the net is never safe, no matter who you buy from. people need to be more careful and less lazy.
  8. Yeah, I know people who have ordered from EDIT several times with no issues at all, so like Durchii said in a previous post, this is an isolated incident and should not be used in consideration in making a deicision to purchase from them.

    Whats your friends username at EDIT? I would like to verify your accusations.
  9. just noticed killakyle posted this same thread on (i thought he was banned from there).
  10. That\'s why I buy stuff from head shops! :)

  11. i dont know why anyone wouldnt, unless it was some super special piece you cant get anywhere else. besides, most headshops ive been to world wide beat any price on these headshop websites. the prices on these sites are so much higher due to shipping and packaging epxenses, it never seems worth it.
  12. Banned, again.

    Didnt you learn from the other forum?
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