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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by tabou21, May 1, 2003.

  1. Here is my latest picture. Enjoy!!!

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  2. Holy crap....that's awesome!
  3. thats so kewl!
  4. nice pic... i love the flames :)
  5. Wow that is excellent. I am impressed! I draw and paint some and you are extremely talented. Is that what you do for a living or is it a hobby? Either way-that rocks. I love dragons.
  6. its just a hobby for now.i would like to do this professionally some day.sometimes when i smoke things just work out sometimes better than when im straight.other times i get dooing something while smokin and go other directions than they appeared the first glad you all like my picture.i should post my web page sometime.i have about 5 pages full of pics.each page has 12 pictures on can see when i started up to present day.
  7. cool..

    what software do you use for that?
  8. i use 3 main software tools.photoshop,bryce,and currently learning flash and lightwave.if you are intrested in my work here is the link to my pages.

    feel free to leave a comment or sign my guestbook,or just look around the whole site.its a cool sight if you are into trippy art.thanx for your support.oh yeah look up my bio if you like to know more about me....peace ......friends

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