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  1. I heard all these things about Niwa Grow Hub controllers. They get great reviews...I don't understand. This thing is useless. Only setting is desired temp and humidity. Can't even set an acceptable range. Set my temp for 77. I have a heater setup for at night with a night temp of 66. During the day, my lights keep the tent at like 75. Perfectly close enough. Well, now the Niwa triggers my heater, it over-shoots to 78, exhaust comes on, over shoots to 75, heater comes get the idea. This is the most egregious issue that makes it totally unusable. How do these people justify charging $200 for something that lacks an essential feature available on a $20 controller? Add to that a clunky app that is slow to respond, inability to run high power LED, and having to hard reset several times after it lost my's going back to Amazon. I'm gonna give the AC Infinity ecosystem a go since I needed a new intake fan anyway. Already have an old T6 that I can connect to the new controller with an adaptor. Of course, the UIS outlets are out of stock, so I'm stuck with the inkbird for humidity and heat for now. Anyway, just thought I'd advise yall to just avoid this product if you plan to have heat and cool hooked up at the same time. You'll be blowing your whole budget on electricity.
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    We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. from here:
    • PLEASE understand the limitations of the Grow Hub before buying to avoid getting an unwanted product. Check our FAQ section, videos, and ask any question. Access Live and Historical Data from anywhere with the Niwa app (iOS & Android).
    • THIS IS NOT a regular power strip, it cannot be manually controlled. It’s managed by the Niwa app specifically developed to manage Grow Tents automatically based on the user settings. It REQUIRES 2G Wi-Fi, make sure your router is compatible.
    • Resistive load 10A MAX per individual outlet; 15A resistive MAX TOTAL for entire Grow Hub. 500W MAX for LED/HPS; 200W MAX for A/C; 1200W MAX for Heaters. Not for commercial use. You need to temporarily disable 5G on your router, make sure you know how.
    • Monitor and control any Grow Tent with the Niwa app from anywhere. Automate your lamp, pump, heater, cooler, humidifier, dehumidifier or fan. VPD, temperature, humidity and light sensors included. No subscription fees!
    • Create your own custom Grow Recipes and set the perfect VPD, Temperature, Humidity, Light and Water Schedules for the best environment. Customize your Alarms for your different Grow Hubs and get notified anytime something goes wrong.
    it was the conditions above that warned me, IMO send it back
  3. I thought "based on the user settings" meant, you know, there were actual usable settings. For this much money, you'd think there'd be some level of customization besides just a target. AC infinity comes with a more advanced controller with a nice inline fan, and for less money, even if you buy all the accessories.
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  4. You said you set it for 77 and it goes from 75-78?... Yes, if you want super controlled temps, it requires turning stuff on and off often..
  5. (I do agree there should be a range tho)...
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    In a perfect world, that would be great, but we're talking 30 seconds between heat off and exhaust on and vice versa. By the time the sensor registers the difference, it's already over shot and needs to cool off. I'm pretty sure my girls will be alright without a 3 degree temp tolerance and a space heater running 50% of the day kills the electric bill. Thing is, I don't even want to run the heater AT ALL during the day. The light heats the tent just fine. I set the temp to 77 so it'd vent if it got too hot. The heater is plugged in for at night. This controller might work fine if I felt like seating and unseating the heater cord every day, but it was two HUNDRED bucks, lol. I shouldn't have to. I have several inkbirds. They do exactly what I want them to do, but I was hoping to get rid of my tangle of sensors and consolidate, as well as take advantage of the new wifi/Bluetooth type controllers. Hopefully Niwa continues adding features, but for now, it's wildly over priced. The dead band issue is the deal breaker, but the app was a pain to use and it wouldn't stay connected to my network despite showing great reception according to Ubiquiti software. Just seems like they don't have any of the bugs worked out yet.
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  7. Oh, and if you lose network connection or even just internet connection, it's stuck in whatever program it was before. That's great for some circumstances, but having zero physical buttons to change something in case the network goes down is a huge oversight. They should have at least included Bluetooth or something that would work without wifi. I didn't think of that before the purchase but it was very apparent it could be a problem when it dropped connection.
  8. Just got the AC Infinity T4 with the Bluetooth controller. Now this thing operates as it should! Brilliant automation control and super fast response on the sensor. Actual real time updates on the app, and the hardware display has a magnet that sticks to my conveniently located fridge! Unfortunately, I didn't realize that my S6 was too old of a model to be compatible, but this thing is so bad ass, I just ordered the new model. Old S6 will be relegated to the drying tent, which needed a real exhaust fan anyway. Can't wait to get my hands on one of the outlets for my humidifier. My inkbird is accurate enough, but it's so slow to respond. The new controller shows it well below target before the inkbird kicks on.

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