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  1. So I ordered from Flash direct off their website on january 30th. After a few weeks and no beans i sent flash an email and got an immediate response saying, " Seeds are coming, be there in 10 days" ... So i waited another few weeks before contacting them again and explaining that nothing had come, that i had never gotten anything confirming they actually sent it( most seed shops give a heads up beans are on the way lately). After waiting a few days i got a reply saying how terribly sorry they were and it must have been something with customs, however i never received a customs slip, nor could Flash provide and tracking, or proof that they had ever sent anything period. I was told I would get a reship with a few extra seeds for the trouble AND that this one would having a tracking number that i woulkd recieve immediately upon shipment. I waited another week before asking for a tracking number, or at least assurance that my seeds had shipped. Nothing. I waited until March 5th and sent another message asking about my seeds and was surprised to get a response immediately saying they were sorry and had been moving office and that for my trouble I would be recieving a refund, as well as a reship( which let me know obviously they never went through with the other reship) and again how sorry they were for the trouble. I gave them information to send my refund via paypal and was given their paypal info so that I could make a money request for the 106.77us. I made the request and receieved an email in broken english explaining how they would credit my paypal account shortly, and that i would still receive seeds. AND again they have dissapeared, not paid the paypal request, not sent any verification of a reship, and basically just seem to be dicking me around on actually getting anything from them. I'm to the point now I'm done harrassing them over 100 bux, Id just like everyone to know my personal experience dealing with this sad excuse for a seed vendor.
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  2. I hate it when email are answered with BS
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  3. Sounds like you got ripped off
    I never heard of that seed comp
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  4. Fuck dude that sucks, would be one thing if it was one or two seeds but 100$ worth!? I agree, wouldn't it be better if they never even replied rather than with bs? I use Gorilla seeds uk and Oregen Green Seed with real good germ rate. Thanks for the heads up hope this helps a few blades.
  5. I use Crop King, Dankteam, Singleseed Center , and have had friends use gorilla, and have always got my beans, no issue,. Flashseeds is advertising in Hightimes and Skunk Magazines and i do know that The Single seed center carries packs of their seeds( and ive used TSSC 3 times no issue recieving) I more or less went with flash directly because of a 10% off coupon code posted in High times... Their "superautos" are loooong flower sativa autos that supposedly take around 145 -160 days to finish and can produce insane in outdoor or greenhouse. First time i went outside my seedbanks i knew worked and I got screwed lol. lesson learned.
  6. WOW guys, Flash must have an account here and saw this post or something., They actually sent the refund yesterday and i recieved it,. still no seeds or any reason as to why they never sent um, but I'm glad to have gotten the refund i was promised, literally 2 days after making this post lol.
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  7. Thats some shyste ass shit, isnt the first time i have seen this happen. Its not a coincidence, i bet my paycheck on it.

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  8. I'm just pleased i got the money bak, considering i had all but dismissed that happening, nowits another 107 bux in my seed fund, probably gunna be snagging some more Crop King stuff in the next week here... their Candy Cane Auto (what i planted instead of the Flash seeds i planned to run) are just getting into flower and taking off, and stems are already Sharpie thickness on all 12:) Ive heard people knock crop king for germination results but i got 12/12 to sprout on my first go round with overnight shotglass soak and into rooter cubes next day.... 48 hrs later under a 250 hps in tent and boom

    Also being that I'm in CO i thought id check into a new seed breeder/bank/dispensary called MMJ America, that advertised in this months hightimes as the first Liscensed American Breeding facility, and they are working in Collab with THE VAULT. They have Fem 6 Packs or Reg 12 packs. I grabbed a pack of 6 fem Larry OG just a few days ago and got 6/6 popped on those as well, gifted um to a grower friend who's gunna run them in DWC since I already have my max going with my candy canes

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