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Do not bake with marijuana!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 13, 2010.

  1. If you are new to smoking marijuana, have fun :)


    I'm telling you, there is just too much room for error on baking/making marijuana foods.

    For a newbie, stay curious, just be smart and don't waste weed.

    In my 4 months of smoking pot ... i wasted half an oz (14 grams) to just fucking up on the stove. Waste of weed and money!
  2. Appreciate the warning, but don't assume that everyone will screw up or lose that much. Start off small with your first edibles, like firecrackers. Each one only takes .7-1g.
  3. thats why you do your homework first before you go out into the field.

  4. Oh man. .7 would make a newbie not want to try weed ever again.

    Start of small like .3. That should do well.
  5. Just because you didn't do your research and/or fucked up doesn't mean everyone will... My edibles have always worked, from the first try onward.
  6. edibles are easy to make. Just make sure you know how to follow a recipe and you're set.
  7. Just because you fucked up a simple process doesn't mean we're all retarded. Coking with bud is quite easy.
  8. the first thing i made was firecrackers uysing peanutbutter and coolranch doritos...ifd you can stomach it, it worked well
  9. cooking with bud isnt any different than regular cooking..the bud is just another ingredient like flavorings or cinnamon
  10. is life experienced life wasted?
  11. "unintended consequences is life wasted"
  12. All you have to do is follow instructions lol u jus fucked up
  13. is there a thread on firecrackers? i searched but cant find anything and im interested in trying them
  14. OP, you fucked up, so don't assume everyone else will.

  16. you are an idiot then! it's not hard to simmer ground weed

  17. Im pretty sure youre just the dumbest asian in history.

    Confucius say, stop using the internet and pick up a book.
  18. Dude, hate to say this, but the only person who really fucked up here was you, by not taking a few minutes of your time to actually sit down and learn more about edibles before tossing shit into the oven.

    It's not as easy as everyone thinks it is, but it ain't exactly rocket science either. Just educate yourself more before trying to convince the rest of us that edibles are suddenly no good because you wasted your weed...
  19. firecrackers,
    weed, peanut butter, crackers,
    swag works just as well as dank when it comes to edibles,
    take crackers spread peanut butter evenly on crackers, place a bowls worth of finely ground up bud in the center of the cracker, place one cracker with peanut butter on top of the one with weed and peanut butter. Wrap in an airtight aluminum foil tent, bake at 320 for exactly 22 minutes.

    Now that wasn't so difficult was it?
  20. lol wut...i could tell a 5 year old that didnt know what weed was to make me a firecracker and it would work out just fine..... Making Budder is super easy....and then baking from there is just fucking baking.....

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