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  1. Every so often a new drug fad or some way to get a sensation (remember the "choking game"? dumbasses) well ladies and gentlemen here is the new fad presented to you by a couple idiots in the hood
    The video is blowing up all over facebook
    Just wait... very soon a new report will be broadcasted about kids dying from this. Remember the news reports about people dying from literally combusting alcohol? well I guess this the new method of death...

    Most recent comment on the video is 100% correct
    • "People don't realize how is very dangerous this can be. People think they are smart by doing this 'awesome chemistry' to get drunk without actually drinking alcohol but what they are leaving out of their formula is the effects it has on your body. Because the alcohol bypasses the stomach and liver, it is in a more concentrated form when it enters the body. This makes it much easier to overdose on alcohol.
    • When you inhale alcohol, the body isn't able to use one of its natural protections from alcohol poisoning, vomiting. Because alcohol does not go through your stomach during inhalation, excessive amounts will not trigger nausea. Also, while you can physically see how much you are drinking, it's tough to tell how much alcohol you are consuming when taking it in through vapor.
    • That's not to mention the toll on the lungs and respiratory system that this method can take. Alcohol can dry out the lungs, the throat, and the nasal passages which makes the person prone to harsh infections. It will only be matter of time until we see some one on the news lying in the hospital or dead due to this 'fad' of drinking when they thought they were being so clever. 
    Today's society, only half as smart as they think."
    Sadly for every one of the commenters above, there are one hundred idiots.
    And I bet that the news is going to mention weed somehow or something... or they are going to put a  ban on something. These kinds of things never end well. And they give vapor/ smoke / other drugs a bad name .

  2. I couldn't imagine that being good for you at all. That's an awful idea. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. i do a similar method with my poop
    its called winnie the poohing
    Poop in a large mason jar a few times and leave it in your closet sealed up tight.
    open it up a month later and inhale those fumes and get Hiiigh
  4. They did this at a bar on The League.
  5. people do anything to get fucked up. why? lol
  6. He says you can do that and go to the gym to stay fit.
    Ya, like the gym is really gonna happen. :smoking:
  7. fuck it lemme hit it
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  9. Idk about dat shit
  10. [quote name="llllllllll" post="19336419" timestamp="1389673228"]i do a similar method with my poopits called winnie the poohingPoop in a large mason jar a few times and leave it in your closet sealed up it up a month later and inhale those fumes and get Hiiigh[/quote]Jenkem is another term. Heard about it a few years ago in the news, I just hope its a hoax. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. someone always gotta take it up a notch man lol, oh well. Atleast its good examples to learn from others mistakes
  12. Dumb+Alcohol=Death.
    Anyone else here remember that whole "butt-chugging" fad? Yeah.
    I'm a man who enjoys his liquor, and I can somewhat understand having a little too much to drink, but I'll be damned if I mourn someone who died because they put alcohol into a hole that it isn't supposed to go into.
  13. That's pointless, probably doesn't work that well and takes too long.  I'd rather just pour a drink any day, much easier.
  14. Actually read somewhere that the 'shit jar inhaling' originated in Africa. Butt hash.
  15. Yeah from Morocco.  That moroccan hash they call it.
  16. Stick with cannabis! Safe, no hangover and just plain good fun!  :bongin: 
  17. This.   Drinking is so incredibly over-rated.  
  18. Hahaha didn't that originate from the website shroomery as a joke but people started to believe it

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